Thursday, 18 June 2009

A week of sunshine & showers

It's been a funny week this week, on Sunday the weather was lovely but on Monday the heavens opened with a very big storm. The road outside was flooded but I was safely tucked up in bed watching TV!! The rain was so bad it lift up the road near me!!!

Tuesday the sun came out again so as it was the first day of the Royal Ascot meeting we decided to pop to the pub for lunch & meet some friends to watch it.

Normally when we do this it's fun but the day was full of crazy people..... ever had one of those days??? Should have just stayed home!!!

On Wednesday I headed to my parents for lunch......yummy roast turkey..... my favourite!
You can't beat your mum's roasts can you??
I had a huge plate full but managed to eat the lot!!!
What was this birthday challenge thing???!!!!!

My parents have a few pets but I must confess I do love this one......

Her name is Sophie & they've only had her a for about 18months. her owner passed away & she was being offered free to a good home!!! Can you believe how lucky were they???
Mind you she does have a very good home..... we curled up on the sofa together .... just don't tell dad!!!!

Today has been a odd day weather wise.... this morning the sun was shining but then it got very cloudy & has been a bit hit & miss all afternoon.

Never mind there was house work to be done........

How often do you clean your oven????

I hate doing it..... when I brought it 3 years ago I thought.... 'oh look at me with my nice big oven' I'm thinking 'OMG why did we buy such a stupid oven'!!!

It's really hard to get in to clean & now I've got a sore neck. So house work done I headed to the garden.

My lovely Jasmine over the arch......

The flowers came out on Tuesday but I must say it's getting harder to get to the washing line.

My runner beans are doing well......

Picked some strawberries today....

Won't be getting fat on theses!

Hope the grapes do better......

What is this?????

It's growing at the top of the garden around my poppy. Last year I planted up a load of plants my friend gave me from her garden so I though it might be something really beautiful but now I'm thinking it's a weed.

What ever it is I don't like it because when I touch it I come out in a really bad rash, even if I wear gloves, that lasts for a few days .

Sorry if the photo's are rubbish I'm really enjoying the fact I don't have to fight with the camera batteries. The battery in my phone last about a week which is fantastic so you'll have to put up with bad photo's I'm afraid.

I'm going out for the day tomorrow..... can't wait!!!

Back soon with the details.

BTW.... I've updated my shop with some bargain flower corsages.... the ones from the photo shot.... go on check them out.


  1. Looks like some sort of 'dead nettle' to me!
    Hope you have a good day tomorrow ;-)

  2. I hate cleaning my oven. Its like your but smaller, and as much as I clean it its never ever clean if you know what I mean. Have you tried Oven Pride - its really good but don't get in on your skin!!

    Cute Doggy too!

    Sam x

  3. Hi Jo,

    Weather has been like that here too!

    I also hate cleaning the oven...

    Your garden is looking great :-)

    Rose XXX

  4. I hate cleaning the oven too. Am really tempted to get one of those firms that does it for you round, but just can't justify the expense, when it's only me being lazy really!

    Sophie is gorgeous - can't beat a good snuggle on the sofa eh ?

    Hope you had a good time on your outing - look forward to hearing all about it x

  5. very jealous of your garden.i would love to have jasmine in mine



  6. What a lovely dog...wonderful that your parents took the little cutie

  7. I agree with Sal - it's in the dead nettle family. The rash sounds nasty - you're going to need help to get rid of the plants...

    I hope you have had a great day out, and that you're looking forward to my garden party this weekend...

  8. Put a good layer of tin foil on the bottom of each oven. That way you can whisk it off and they will only need a quick wipe over on the bottom and you'll have just the sides to scrub!