Saturday, 20 June 2009


Today I'm off to .......

I have my gift ready......

Some beautiful wild flowers to remind you of Devon.

Hope it's not windy......
I will be wearing my best dress.......
With my party shoes......

Mind you if you know me you know I'm more likely to arrive wearing these....

When I arrive after a hop across the water I would like one of these please.... G&T's can't be beaten on a warm sunny day.......
I've brought the picnic.....

But looking at all the people who are attending it might end up looking like this........

Joyeux anniversaire Floss.......hope that's right! Have a wonderful day.


  1. Yoohooo! I have to wave to you from across this crowd, can't get any closer, lol! Another friend of Floss's to say hello to, yay. Care for a Kir Royale?

  2. Oh, Joe, you're going to be the brightest guest by far - I love the outfit! Thanks so much for the Devon wild flowers - how thoughful.

  3. ooh haven't had a G&T for ages might juts have to buy some and that picnic lokks just fab

  4. Hi! You look great in that dress and shoes! (You may realise I have "attended" Floss' Garden Party a little mis-matched).
    It was my pleasure to "meet" you, Josie-Mary!

  5. just to let you know my rachywachywoo/kraftygal account will soon be deleted

    this is my new blog,

    i hope you can stop by sometime

    have a lovely day


  6. Of course I would love the dress being red and white spots!

    Victoria xx

  7. Looks like a fab party! Especially that food!
    Would definitely be up for Totnes market one day - I've never really been to Totnes, but it's on my list of things to do!

    Unfortunately I can't do the winter bloggers fair - Mike works weekends in the winter, so I'll have both kids, and it's just before C's birthday, so I'll probably be running round like a headless chicken trying to think of what to fill a million party bags with! Shame though - will have to hold out for the next summer one instead, and just read all about it.

  8. thank you hun....I'm sat here reading blogs to cheer myself along....good news today tho....I have a new job, temp as a minder again, until the supply work kicks in in that will keep the wolf from the cottage door....

    your a good friend...x