Thursday, 5 January 2012


Yes I know we're 5 days in to 2012, I've been trying to do this post for the last few days but work/life got in the way!!!

One of things I love most about blogging is looking back on past post...... it's like an online diary isn't it?
I kept a diary through out my teenage years but just suddenly stopped..... when I find them I always stop to read through.

So I'm going to do a quick round up of 2011 just to remind myself what I did (it went so quick!!!)

ah yes I remember Wreck this Journal...... now where is it!!!

Our trip to France

One of my favourite months of the year..... 2 weeks holiday, Cheltenham races & the sun starts to say hello!

The start of the Make, Do and Mend poppy appeal, the Royal wedding & the month I was told to re apply for my job!

VE day & spring is in the air

Lots of knitting & the month I was told Habitat was closing :(

The first vintage fair in Exeter & a 1940's event

My 40th birthday, my parents 50th anniversary

Unemployed!!! My 3rd blogging anniversary. 3 weeks off..... bliss!!!

Starting my new job & no time for blogging :(

2nd vintage fair, busy month for Josie-Mary!

Another Christmas......

These are my 2011 hopes & dreams that I posted on my 2010 round up..... have I done them all???

  • I turn 40 :( How did that happen???? I'm still 16 aren't I??? I would like to do something special but not sure what......I was thinking of a lovely holiday but I'm a rubbish air balloon??? Zoo keeper for the day???? Maybe a weekend in Edinburgh???? Only 8 months to sort it out!!! Nothing special done as it happened when I was losing my job...... I might regret that!
  • I must finish my list that I started in 2008!!!! or at least finish my blanket that I started nearly 2 years ago! NOPE!!!!
  • Re decorate the house..... things have been up in the air as we weren't sure if we were moving but I think we're starting put so I want to sort out all those jobs that need doing & paint the living room to make it more homely. NOPE!!!
  • Continue with Make, Do and Mend..... I'm hoping to set up a children's class in the summer holidays but first I need to get everything in order. Now it's getting very popular I need to get the admin side of things in place Yep! No children's class as the other group has done that but I have other things planned for this year.
  • Attend more craft fairs I only did 3 last year.... the vintage fairs are so good for me I don't see the point in wasting time with run of the mill craft fairs
  • Continue to sell on Folksy/Etsy Yep! Both stores are doing ok but an extra push wouldn't hurt.  I know the road I want to go down now so it should be clearer
  • Complete my CV...... I'm hoping for changes this year! This made me chuckle!!!! I was talking about John Lewis but little did I know I would lose my job!! My CV is completed & I will be updating it every few months as I be looking for another job in October...... fingers crossed for JL
  • Sort my back out..... I'd like a full MOT as I've been ill for months now, if it's not my back it's my stomach (pain killers are playing havoc with my tummy) or a cold. I'm going to go to the doctors in the new year & demand more tests NOPE! I never did go back to the doctors, last summer I was so ill with stress that I wasn't even worried about my back...... maybe this year :)
  • To make it through the year with all my love ones..... my dad is going to be 70 in April & I'm starting to panic at the idea my parents will leave me at some point :( Yep we all made it! I hope the same for this year.... including Teddy
  •  Be a better blogger.... the last few months have been so busy I haven't had time to leave comments or post as much as I would like Nope..... in fact I've been worse in 2011!!!
  • Visit my friend in Lincoln....... I've been wanting to do this for years! Nope..... & with the train fares going up I can't see this happening :(

In 2012 I would like to....
  •  Update my website for Josie-Mary & Make, Do and Mend
  •  I'm booked in to 2 vintage fairs this year & need to pull my finger out so I have a decent amount of stock
  • Re design posters & newsletters for Make, Do and Mend
  • Learn how to use my Mac laptop!!

I must stop doing this in 2012!!!!

Thanks for sharing my 2011 with me


    1. Like you I love reading back over my blog to see what I rambled about!!

      Victoria xxx

    2. it is fun to look back and I have to say I STILL have a crochet blanket I started nearly 3 years ago......and it was on my list last January!

    3. I only go to Vintage fairs now. Craft fairs seem to be the same people and same stuff!

      Will there be another Vintage fair in Exeter this year?
      Julie xxxxxxxx

    4. I was a bit sloe in posting this year, I'm hoping now I'm back at work I can get more done! (not that you would catch me blogging at work.....much!)
      Would love to have a catch up this year too?
      Happy New Year to you and your family, I hope 2012 is kind to you and that you get all you could possibly wish for xxx

    5. Looks like a pretty good year for you all in all, and lots of good memories! I started my blog as a journal/scrapbook b/c I hate real scrapbooking (the mess & hunting through all those 1000's of unorganized photos!). It's kind of evolved into something else (not sure what ;), but that's okay too.

    6. Happy new year josie. By the way- dining room is neat and tidy, for now, but only cause I worked on it. It's the only room that is though ;) x

    7. Great round up, I enjoyed reading it. I'd like to try my hand at selling this year...maybe some craft fairs or fill my folksy store x