Saturday, 21 January 2012

You're a star......

I was delighted when I popped into Primark on Monday to buy some tights & spotted this!

How fantastic...... very CK but much, much cheaper!!! It's poly cotton which does not make me happy but hey it's red & has stars on..... what more do you need! Of course I had to buy the red & white stripy sheet to go with it!

And Teddy loves it too!!!

I even treated myself to a new lamp from Laura Ashley & a new clock

I plan to add some white pom pom trim around the shade.

I love this clock.... I saw it in CK about 6 months ago & fell in love with it. I found it on a website for £8..... I was worried it would tick..... I hate ticking clocks.... but it's silent!! 

Hooray it's nearly Sunday...... which means.....BIRDSONG!!!! 


  1. oohhh love the bedding! VERY ck looking! great clock and lamp too!xx

  2. Love the bedding - I didn't even get the chance to browse the household section when I was in Primark yesterday - instead it was just the mens stuff to stock up on bits for the teenagers.

  3. Wow! They are lovely
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. oh, what a find - lovely when you can get something that has the look that you love for a fraction of the (in my opinion) rather inflated CK prices.

    Hope you enjoyed Birdsong, we were out with my Dad so missed it but I have heard generally good things about it.

  5. Love the bedding. I read on Kellys blog you know of a website that sells tea dresses could I have it too please, thanks ever so, Lucey x

  6. Love, love, love that bedding set! And that is the same clock that my Brother bought me for Crimbo...I love it x