Sunday, 8 January 2012

Christmas Gifts

Hello everyone...... I received some lovely gifts this Christmas but haven't got around to photography them all.

I thought I'd start with the lovely blanket my mum made me....

There is a story behind this..... every time one of the family has a baby my mum makes one of these lovely blankets. I've been asking for a while now to have one as there's no way I'll ever have a baby!!!

Little did I know she was busy making me one! It took her hours & she used every last scrap of wool.....  for me this is a perfect present as it was made with love & not just brought.

She had also embroidered on it....

This is my favourite bit & it will last forever!!

This week I've been poorly with a horrible cold...... it seems everyone has had it at work for the last month & the rubbish heating/air con just makes it go around & around!!

I've also been busy playing with my new iPad app.....

It's a fab app & the best 69p I've ever spent!
You'll be seeing a lot more of these!

Teddy update:
After a stressful visit to the vets on Wednesday...... he was there for 4 hours & wouldn't calm down so they could take his blood pressure :( I had to go in & help!..... his blood pressure is 170 & a normal cat should be 120! At least we might have found the problem for his eye sight...... he's now on 2 tablets a day & we need to go back in 4 weeks. He's been told to watch his salt in take so I'm now reading the back of cat food to double check!

I also went to the RSPCA to look at another cat on Wednesday... lucky it was close because I've fallen in love!
The vet then told me that Teddy would be very unhappy if I got another cat as he loves me too much & is too old to fight for my attention.

Oh well no more cats for me at the moment..... I hope John finds a nice new home..... yes I had already named him!!!

Have a good week


  1. What a beautiful blanket, and as you say was made with love, lucky girl.

    Glad Teddy's ok

    Hugs Jill xx

  2. What a lovely blanket!

    Victoria xxx

  3. That blanket is gorgeous - what a labour of love :)

  4. Now that is a wonderful present! Sorry to hear Teddy is still under the weather. John? No no no, you could not seriously call a lovely cat that!
    Hen x

  5. Lovely blanket! Do you know what the pattern is?

  6. Just been having a nosey on your blog and found this blanket - it's so pretty. Lucky you :o) Your Mum is very clever. Hope it's keeping you warm this autumn x