Sunday, 1 August 2010


Sorry I'm a day late......

So do you want to know who won?

Are you ready???

Drum roll....


(I'm afraid I couldn't get the number generator image on my blog so please trust me!)

I'm so happy it's Suzie as she regularly leaves me comments & has had a hard time of late.....still thinking of you Suzie :(

Please email me your address & I promise to send it ASAP.

Don't panic if you missed out this time as I'll be having another giveaway for my 200th post, which isn't far away.

So Crafty Sunday on a Monday.....

I've finished my friends gift....

What do you think?
She wanted a traditional gift so I'm hoping this fits the's to go with the granny square blanket I showed you 2 weeks ago.
It was a labour of love as I didn't really have a pattern.....just a mix of everything.
She finally had him on Thursday 29th but I haven't seen him yet. Not sure of his name but I do know he was 8lb 2oz which is very large for her!!!

Busy week this week.....

We also have our summer outing on Saturday which I'm really looking forward's to follow.
Have a good week


  1. Hello! Goodness me! I am so happy! Thank you so much! Not sure how to email you so here is my email...

    I am excited, and it has really cheered me up! Thanks! Susie xxxx

  2. You are a clever lass Josie.... I love the knitted vest and often covet my old man's Fair Isle number which is alas a little too big for me.
    I think you should come and hold knitting classes .. preferably in my home.. then I could learn to knit something other than a long strip of dropped stitches.

    Well done Susie.. congratulations on your win!

    Michele xx