Sunday, 22 August 2010

The Big Knit & Another Crafty Sunday!!!

Hello everyone....yet again I didn't mean to stay away this long but the week has gone in a blink of an eye!!

I feel I haven't done anything this week but work :( 
I've been feeling so tired but I think that's how most people are at the moment...... I wonder why?

So it's nearly Autumn which means it's time for The Big Knit....... want to help???

If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know that last year I asked for help

 It was great fun setting up a knitting group plus an on line community of knitters...... mixing new technology with traditional crafts. I made lots of new friends & hope to do the same this year.
However I want to make even can find out how we did here....

So our next Make, Do and Mend group with be all about knitting.

Please come along if you live in Exeter or if you want to join in then please email me

Deadline is Saturday 26th September.....plenty of time!

So what crafty things have I made this week......well I can show you the gifts I made as they are now with their new owners.

First up the little lavender heart I made for my friend who lent me the 1940's apron for the Blitz night....

I wanted it to have a hand/home made feel which is why the lettering is not perfect, I really like it & might make myself one!

Next up is the giveaway prize, as you know Susie won..... I checked her blog & saw she was keen on owls so I made her this....

Again it's filled with lavender...... I really enjoyed making this so have now made another for my Folksy shop, I'm hoping to make some more in different colours soon.

I forgot to take a photo of the other goodies but I'm sure Susie will post about it soon.

For the last few days I've been making tea cosies but I hate making Pom Pom's :(
I was hoping to get a photo but the heavens have just opened so you'll have to wait until next time.

So what did you make this week?

Just one more week of work for me then it's my holiday....yippee!!!
Also it's my birthday next Monday...... as Beki pointed out this will be my last one with a 3 in front!!!!
Thanks for that Beki...... it made me feel a whole lot better!!!
Have a great week


  1. I've been making tea cosies too! But no pom-poms. I'm trying to dry the cosies outside while it's warm(ish).
    Hope you have a great birthday and holiday. xx

  2. Have a great Birthday and break away. I love your heart and owl, and what a good idea to devote the Make Do and Mend to your tiny hats!

  3. Hey stop feeling sorry for yourself, just remember I have no more with a 3 in front lol!
    Love the brooch, you could do a whole batch with different sayings, I really like the way you've done the lettering!

    B xxx

  4. Thank you for your bloggie visit, hope you have a fab week! x

  5. Oh, my goodness... Love the owl!
    Very cute!
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. Goodness, the big knit!! where does time go?

    Well like i said last year, i can't knit, but i have to little hats from last years purchase, so i'll be sending them and buying some more too xx

  7. ah, what lovely makes. Looks to me like you have been busy outside of work as well!! Will do my best to come along on 7th, family commitments and issues depending (it's Amelia's first day of pre-school, so she'll either be knackered and easy to settle or clingy if she didn't like it!). Hope you have a lovely birthday - are you planning anything special ? Enjoy your holiday too! Hope it brings some well deserved rest x

  8. I will be posting about it on Friday. I love the goodies! Thank you so much! Susie xxxx

  9. I'm sure I can make a few :) I'l rope the ma and the aunt in too xxxx