Sunday, 15 August 2010

Crafty Sunday & new arrivals.....

Hello everyone.... hope you're having a good week.
Sorry for the long break in posting.....nothing to say & not a great week for me.

But I'm back for Crafty Sunday

This week I finally found the time to pop over to see my friends new baby...... now 2 week old!
So armed with my new gifts

I went to visit baby Smith

Not a great photo, he'd had lots of visitors that night & was trying to take a nap!

Me & Liv made our own fun whilst everyone was cooing over the new baby....

Yey she can knit!!! I thought she was too young but someone had brought her a knitting kit so we gave it ago, it was slow work but she did it & I'm very proud of her :)
She wants to knit squares to make a blanket for her brother......what a great idea....but after 2 hours we had completed 5 rows over 24 stitches! mmmmm must get quicker!

This week I've been busy crafting.....

Making bears for Folksy & future fairs plus some little gifts for my giveaway & my kind friend who lent me her apron for last photo's as I haven't posted them yet & I don't want to ruin the surprise!
I've also been playing around with some red & white wool for a new idea I'm trying out, hope to have photo's next week.

So that's all for crafty Sunday this week......what have you made?

Back soon


  1. That is nice someone so young wanting to learn a new craft. I'm sure she will enjoy knitting even if she just learns and then leaves it alone she will remember how to knit.
    Julie xxxxx

  2. I love it when kids are eager to learn a craft!
    That tank top is adorable!

    B xxx

  3. I love the gifts for baby Smith, and how cool that Liv can knit, I am very impressed :)

  4. Love the baby gifts - especially the little jumper!


  5. I impressed that she is already learning to knitting.It really good to hear that someone so young wants to do it. Love the gifts x

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  7. sorry to hear that you've not had a good week and hope that everything is OK.

    Hurrah for Liv and learning to knit, what a clever girl, and well done you for giving her a skill that will last a lifetime. Did you know as well, that knitting is supposed to be a great thing for Primary aged children to learn - something to do with it using the left and right sides of the brain, and linking up all the synapses, plus all the co-ordination skill. Apparently it can really help develop all the connections in the brain that enables reading and kids who knit/crochet etc tend to learn to read, and then read much better than the average. Just a little fact for the day!!

  8. That's a lovely smily teddy face! Sorry you haven't had a good week and I hope this one is loads better xx