Monday, 9 August 2010

Dig for Victory

Hello are we all?

I've been really enjoying reading people's grow your own stories, I love the fact we get so excited about eating our own bounty!! It's great isn't it??

I've been growing my own on & off for about 15 years & although I say I won't do it next year (because of the terrible summers we have) I always go back to it!

So with this in mind I thought I'd share a few pictures of my garden......

Main bed with runner beans, courgettes, mint, strawberries & lemon balm

I don't do pretty gardens ..... just practical!

Plenty of tomatoes....just need them to go red now!

Cor blimey look at those grapes!!! Bumper crop this year I think

Cucumbers doing very well outside - the 2nd year I've grown them

What's for tea???

Just to prove it's not all veg.....I'm loving the Pom Pom's this year :)

I just wanted to share this photo of Gandy street in Exeter which I smapped on my way to work early one morning......see the bunting?
I've just updated the Make, Do and Mend blog. Pop over to read about our Summer Outing on Saturday night.

 That's all for the weekend...back soon


  1. Yummy fresh fruit and veg! I'm envious your toms are bigger than mine!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Wow you have some fabulous crops there! I dont know if it is because I am 'up north' and therefore it is a cooler climate, but my tomatoes are still at the flowering stage!!!?

  3. We had one of our courgettes tonight for tea, in a sir fry-not just the courgette on a plate!

  4. Your crops look fab. I've given up my allotment after 7 years this year and I've got cucumbers, tomatoes, courgettes, beans, peas, lettuce and strawberries in pots at home instead. It's not quite the same but I've actually had a better crop of cucumbers than I ever had at the allotment. It is so satisfying to grow your own. I've only had 1 tomato so far though - not much of a meal!
    Cathy X

  5. All looks great especially the grapes, they're making my mouth water.
    Rich grows his on his Grandparents land but I'm hoping to grow my own in the garden next year!

    B xxx

  6. Ah this is fab! I haven't as much luck but I'm in training. Haha

    I can't believe you have grapes going too!

    Love the pic of Gandy Street.


  7. I've been a bit lazy with my veg this year - got off to a late start, but it's amazing how everything just suddenly shoots up!! Cucumbers & tomatoes have been good in the greenhouse; peas got attacked and generally nibbled by something and green beans are doing well - so, all in all, not too bad really!

    Love your garden, it looks really productive and, personally, I think veggies are just as pretty as flowers!!

    Willow xx

  8. Green tomato chutney is always great if they don't ripen!

  9. I've tried growing some veg and tomatoes this year but yours put mine to shame. I wouldn't even attempt to grow grapes. Your garden looks lovely, well done. x

  10. It's really looking wonderful! We're ahead of you being so much further south, but your plants (including the grape vine) look just as productive as ours!

  11. That is one abundant productive garden! Your grapes look that much bigger than mine. Are yours tasty, ours are really yuk! I think its a very old vine. I love the pic in Exeter! Have a wonderful weekend. Susie xxx

  12. Yum!
    You have so much growing and such variety.

  13. wow, your garden looks fantastic. I love the idea of grow your own, but wouldn't have a clue where to start and just don't have the get up and go for it, but keep thinking that one year I will...

    Love the picture of Gandy Street - looks really effective - I do love it there, Firkins has been one of my favourite shops for more years than I could possibly mention.