Friday, 29 July 2011


I've been away so long.... sorry!

Last year I told you all about my lovely lavender growing in my garden

It was getting out of hand so I cut it back early this year

I have 4 plants in the front garden, this is the crop this year


It's all hanging up in the shed drying

Plus the 3 plants in the back garden have done really well this year ...... they're different & much easier to cut & dry..... must remmeber that for next year!

I bagged some up to sell at the vintage fair & sold out so I'm thinking of putting it in my Folksy shop.

I have more then enough to make my lavender bags!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend..... work for me!

Back soon


  1. lovely, I've been picking my Lavender too, and collecting flower petals to dry for confetti! X

  2. I do love Lavender in the garden. When I went to my mum's on Weds,I was amazed to see how her Lavender plants,which I put in last year,had thrived and grown so big! So I reckon I'll be helping her to pick it and dry it soon. Hope you make lots of bags! ;-)