Monday, 1 August 2011

July 2011

Yep another month is over!

July brought lots of making, a 1940's steam train weekend, a vintage fair & of course lavender!!!
It was also saw Make, do and Mend going twice a month :)

So it was a busy month for me & I've just seen I only managed to post 3 times..... well that's just rubbish!

We found out this week that all Habitat stores in administration will close by the end of September..... just in case you want to shop!
They will be closing about 10 shops a week starting at the end of August..... hopefully we'll find out very soon when our last day will be so I can book the party!

Yikes...... if it's the 1st of August that means in 30 days I'll be 40..... bugger!!!!


  1. You forty.......! I cannot beleive it are you sure........? My I thought you were a lot younger!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Can't believe it's August already, only 147 days till Christmas ;o)
    Looking forward to welcoming you to the *4o* club!

    B xxx

  3. Don't fear, they say life begins at 40 and it's new beginnings all round for you I'm sure of it!

    Victoria xxx

  4. you're only as old as you feel, that's what I always say (although I agree you certainly look much much younger). Do you have a special celebration planned ? Love the photos from July, it certainly was a busy month, Hope things go smoothly with the winding down of the store and hope that you get some good news on the job front soon too.

  5. Hi, Lovely to see you on Sunday. Lots of good wishes for your new project and new decade!
    Lesley XX