Sunday, 14 August 2011

Away too long.....

Well, well, well I haven't posted since August 1st..... were is August going?

One of the reasons I haven't posted is because I haven't got anything to say! The days roll in to weeks & nothing really changes..... I'm working harder & longer hours now which doesn't help!

Sweetpeas from my garden

We still have no end date which is just crazy...... 3 stores are to close Sunday 21st August, they were only given 10 days notice! We were told last week that we should all be closed by mid September but that changes every week!

On Friday I attended my 4th interview.... I'm feeling a bit fed up with it! When I get told about the pay & hours I lose interest..... get paid for 37.5 hours but work 50 hours a week, which means it's just over the minimum wage! I haven't been told the wage for the one on Friday..... you get told that in the second interview! Hours are better, only about 40. It's a 12 months temporary contract managing the home ware dept in a very small shop. I have a team of 5 people, at the moment I manage about 17 staff so not very challenging!

 I guess I've had it easy for too long!

I washed my new blanket today & realised I hadn't shared it

What do you think? Lovely isn't it...... I'm a sucker for a granny square blanket even though I could make it myself I thought this was a bargain for £10!

All that work for just £10..... I feel guilty!

This week I sorted out my mini birthday party..... something to look forward to. I always book the week off but this year I have to work, I don't have enough holiday to take so could lose money..... I've got Sunday - Tuesday off which is great but I found out I need to be in on Wednesday at 8am.... that's the day after my 40th! My manager wants that day off .... I'm still working on him!!!

I need to make a very important phone call tomorrow...... it could change everything! 
I'll let you know how I get on :)

Have a good week


  1. Good luck Joe! Tumultuous times, but a nice blanket to wrap yourself up in!

  2. Lovely blanket.
    Have a good few days off and Good luck for the future. Let us know.....
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Oh Joe! Sending you positive thoughts - I hope you can work your way around that manager of yours ;)
    And try and stick with the job hunt - something will come along that's perfect I'm sure :) x

  4. £10? £10? lucky you!! i've been looking for a blanket like that and never find one under £80!!

  5. Hi Good to see you blogging. Good luck with the job hunt. Something will turn up when you least expect it !
    Sue x
    ps. Fab blanket

  6. Oh it's gorgeous, £10 is a mega bargain. Can you imagine someone giving it away, it's criminal!
    Loads of luck with the job situation, I'm thinking of you!
    Kandi x

  7. that blanket is lovely. Sounds like a bit of comfort is much deserved. Hope the phone produces the desired result - fingers crossed!