Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Back to the 1940's

Yes it's that time of year again...... on Sunday me, ma & pops headed off to the South Devon Railway's 1940's weekend. You may remember our trip from last year.

It was busier this year with lots more people dressed up. We arrived to see the brass band playing outside.

After a nice cup of tea we went to book our tickets

We picked up a wee snackett from the WI stall as our train pulled into the station.

Like last year there was a mad dash for the best seats so we ended up sitting on the train for 20mins in our private compartment. I went for a wander to see what was going on.....

In the dining carriage two ladies dressed in black & white were serving cream teas. 

We had our identity cards checked on the train by 2 policemen..... pops was in trouble as he had put his in ma's handbag & got a ticking off! They also got in trouble for not bring their gas masks...... lucky for me I had remembered mine!

We arrived in Totnes

And once again decided to stay on the train to keep our good seats.

Near the station is Totnes rare breeds farm & this fella was welcoming the visitors.

Bit blurred up close!

Back at Buckfastleigh we went up on the bridge again for a birds eye view of the campsite

Some lovely WW2 American jeeps.

Back along the platform to see the next people waiting to board.

We were just heading off when the Southwest Lindy Hoppers started dancing

We had a lovely day & once again we're looking forward to next year. 

It was a welcome break from the rubbish going on at the mo :( I've been on holiday since Friday which has been lovely, I have to go in tomorrow & Thursday for 2 hours but that's it until Monday 18th..... yippee!!
It's going to be a mad rush this week to make things for the Exeter Vintage & Handmade Fair on Saturday! I also have to do some prep work for an interview I have on Wednesday 20th...... gulp!

Back soon if blogger allows me to post!!


  1. I always seem to miss these 1940's railway days! Like everything else I'll get there oneday!
    Hoping to get to the Vintage & Handmade Fair on Saturday though, things are looking goo at the moment! So I will seek you out and say hello....
    Good Luck with the interview.
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Glad you were able to have a fun day out!

    Victoria xxx

  3. Looks like a top day out, thanks for sharing the photos. Good luck for the fair.
    Hen x

  4. sounds like a lovely day out, so glad you enjoyed it, you certainly deserve a break with everything else.

    We're off here and there over the next few weeks, so unfortunately I can't do either Make Do or the Vintage Fair, but hope to catch up with you soon, and in the meantime, hope that the interview goes well on Wednesday x

  5. Brilliant post and piccies. We have a 40s railway weekend at Nene valley every year aound my birthday, they are fab..

  6. Oh that looks like such fun! I think I mentioned once before (?) that my dad was one of the 'yanks' stationed in England before D-Day. Wish I'd gotten him to tell me more about his experiences there before he passed away (many years ago). But, your photos tell a good story.