Thursday, 24 March 2011

Still here......

Yes I'm still here..... it's been a week since my last post & I've been really bad leaving comments..... sorry everyone! I will try harder...promise!

So the count down to work has began..... I can't believe I had 14 days which has now turned in to 4 days left! I'm starting to have that back to school feeling already. I've been so lucky with the weather as it's been beautiful here in Exeter. I spent some time in the garden trying to cut back the blackberry bushes..... they've taken over!!

Have you all seen this...

Lovely t-shirts at a fantastic price!

 You can find them here

I checked yesterday but couldn't work out the sizes.... if you check on the pop up size page it says the XL size is an 18 but then in the next block it says it a 16..... I'm very confused!!! Anyone know?
I brought a jumper from there years ago that's XL & it's massive!

They're selling like hot cakes, yesterday nearly everyone was in stock in only 3! Does that mean all CK fan are larger ladies??? Then why are all her clothes for little people??!!!

I wonder if they'll get more in?

I hope you all enjoyed Comic Relief on Friday..... I was out but spent Saturday watching it on catch up..... 6 hours!!!!!
What was your favourite bit? 
I love the Smithy sketch....... soooo funny!!!

Today I'm waiting in for my new armchair :) 
It's being delivered between 12-6pm which is a complete pain as I can't do anything in the morning so it's a wasted day :(
Hopefully I won't be the last on the route!

Enjoy the sun


  1. I saw this and was confused too. I mostly a 20 on the top and therefore I don't think any of it would fit me, shame as she is missing a huge market.. no pun intended :)
    Kandi x

  2. Isn't it always the way that the work days drag, and the holidays just fly by. Still, you definitely picked the right two weeks to have off - I bet you wouldn't have got this much sunshine if you'd chosen two weeks in July!!
    I empathise with the having to wait in thing - I had our new washing machine delivered yesterday, and was given the same time slot as you've got - waited in all day, then of course, they came during the 10 minutes that I was out collecting the children from school - fortunately the very nice delivery driver phoned me and then waited as I frantically ran all the way home, assuring him I was just around the corner, honest!! Less brilliantly, when they unloaded it, the front control panel isn't fitted right, so although it works (thank God) it's going to have to be replaced, so there'll be another day of waiting in next Tuesday! Hope you have better luck with your new armchair, look forward to seeing some pictures of it.

  3. Smithy's sketch on Comic Relief was brilliant!

    I'll be checking out those t-shirts.

    Victoria xx

  4. Great linky- the other t shirts are rather fantastic too! Happy what is left of your hols, you have had beautiful weather!