Thursday, 31 March 2011

Meet Mr Emlyn

Last Thursday I waited in for delivery of my new arm chair and here he is....ta-da!!!

You like??
I brought it from Habitat.... well I say brought it was free!!!! We have a long service award scheme in Habitat so after 15 years service in 2010 I received a lovely load of gift vouchers!

So I brought the chair & the footstool...

I also brought a new cushion....

It's called Exmouth and I really think it is Exmouth!!!

At only £10 they've been selling like hot cakes!

Since Zoe's been gone Nanny has been sitting on my lap more & more but the problem is he's very heavy!!! She was skin & bones but Nanny is very tubby!
I was hoping we could share the footstool

He seems keen...... & hopefully no more dead legs!!

To get the chair in I had to tidy up big time....... I do all my crafting while sat in my chair watching TV but the mess had grown & grown!!

As you can see it's still messy but loads better then what it was! I can now find things :)

Whilst tidying up I found 6 bags of wool..... yes that's right 6 bags!!! That's on top of the very large garden trug. So if you hear me say.... 'I must get some more wool' please slap me!!!!

It's been tiring going back to work & after only 3 days of standing & walking around my back is really playing up again :(
I'm off today but have loads to do for the fair on Sunday.... I still haven't finished my list & I need to pack as I'm working tomorrow & Saturday!

Best crack on then...... back soon


  1. lovely chair - is it more comfortable now ? Love the cushion, is defnitely very Exmouth, but love the crochet throw even more...

    Good luck with the fair on Sunday, will be thinking of you and hoping that it goes well. I think it's going to be busy...

  2. Oh its very nice, but yes I do hope its wearing in a bit and becoming more comfortable! And the crochet throw on the footstool looks fab! x

  3. That chair looks very cosy!

    Victoria xx