Sunday, 27 March 2011

A day in Looe

On Friday me & OH set off to sunny Cornwall. After a 2 1/2 hour train journey that was very busy..... our public transport is so rubbish!!! ... we arrived in Looe just in time to see the sun set whilst enjoying a cold cider on the harbour front.

It's a funny little town..... our hotel was very cheap & cheerful but not the best I've ever stayed in. The toilet & shower were in a box in the corner of the bedroom..... I kid you not!!! They toilet was less then 2 foot away from the bed & the sliding door didn't close, thank goodness it had a flat roof with a bench because that's just too modern for me!!! 
We headed off to see the night life but I think we must have been in the wrong area because the 2 places we went were full of nutters!!! A fisherman had died the night before so maybe everyone was letting off steam. We went back to the hotel to watch some guy sing along to a CD..... dear oh dear.... & to think I should have been in London watching The Men They Couldn't Hang!!

The view was beautiful from our bench

The fish market
As you can see the sun wasn't shining on Saturday :(

It's very hilly!!

Our plan was to get the early train back & stop off in Totnes so I could visit the vintage fair but I think I drowned my sorrows too much on Friday & felt very rough.
So it was a slow journey back but this time the trains were empty & by the time we got to the boarder the sun had his hat on again!

This bridge is amazing.... well done to OH for hanging out the window to take this!!

And the view is breath taking......but what's that???

The Union pub..... thought I'd share the Union love with you!!!

The painting on the side is great too!

We had a lovely time but I was glad to get back to my own bed & a nice cup of tea..... getting old!! And of course to see Nanny.

I think we'll be going back to Cornwall...... we had both forgotten how lovely it is :)

Back to work for me tomorrow.... boo hoo..... not happy at all!!!

I hope you all have a good week


  1. Hi Looe looks a bit bleak that day !
    I grew up in Saltash where that union pub is so funny to see it all on a blog. Good fun on the train on the Tamar Bridge though ey although a bit scary !
    Hope your next visit is better !
    Sue x

  2. Love your blog, a blog award is winging it's way to you at:

  3. Looks like a lovely day out. Soooo love that Union fantastic is that! I want to visit it x