Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy St Patricks Day

Top of the morning to you all!

Well this is the 3rd St Patricks day I've spend with you my lovely blogging friends & this year we've decided not to celebrate with drink!!!

For the last few years we've been flogging a dead horse ....sat in the pub on our own watching the racing & trying to find Irish music on juke boxes. So this year we're going to stay in & watch Cheltenham :(
It will be odd but I think it's a good plan as I've been naughty for the last 2 days & gone out to watch the racing. You know how it goes.... ohhhh lets go to the pub for lunch & come home early....mmmm doesn't happen does it?

Cheltenham update: Lost every race..... rubbish!! But 2 days to go :)

One of the reasons I've been out is the fact our Internet has been really playing up this week..... typical when I've got the week off!.... I have so much work to do with Folksy & Make, Do and Mend but couldn't do anything :( 

OH got it working this morning but I'm not sure how long it will last..... sorry for not leaving any comments but I will be back when things are sorted.

On Monday I treated myself to an ipad.... hooray!!! 
I've been saving for a while & planned to buy the new one but I went to the Apple shop on Monday & was told if I didn't queue up at 3am on Friday 25th March I would have to wait months! Well I'm really not that bothered about it! The new ones are going to be faster, have a camera & lighter...... but the old ones now have £100 off! 
I do love it & being cheaper it means I can now buy a CK case!!!

Hope you're all having a good week so far..... loving the sun, in fact I even took my cardigan off yesterday....heavens above it must be spring!!!!

Back soon


  1. Happy St Patricks Day!

    The boys at work put some bets on yesterday and not one horse came in for them!

    Victoria xx

  2. Hope you had a great St Paddys Day (and had the luck of the Irish with the horses)

    Hope you are having a good week off, weather has been gorgeous hasn't it - hopefully going to stay for the weekend.

    Good luck with getting the internet back - I hate it if we have difficulties - I feel really lost without it - I could easily live without the TV and the rest, but I hate being computer less, in fact I have to be strict with myself about how much time I spend on it, and having a day away from it each week!