Thursday, 6 May 2010

VE day....

Today is the 65th anniversary of VE day.......

To mark this event I asked my parents to share their memories of this fantastic day......

Dad was only 4 but he remembers it being sunny & watching the US troops parade through Taunton, Somerset. The troops were cheering & throwing gum, cigarettes & cigars to the crowds.

Mum was only 3 but can still remember being put on a train by her 2 cousins as it pulled in a station near Crediton......she walked through the train asking 'Any gum chum?' She got loads as everyone was was happy, but when she got off the 2 beastly boys took it off her!!!!
Can you imagine putting a 3 year old on a train full of soldiers these days?!!!

They both remember it was a joyous time with lots of cheering & parties.

To be there must have been amazing....
I did a post asking 'What day in history would you go back to?'
this would definitely be my choice.

So I say thank you to these brave, strong fact I'm sure you all feel the same.
Would we cope if we had to face the same thing?

I think not.......I mean who would we sue? I'd need compensation if my windows broke due to bomb blast!

I will be back to show you my lovely goodies from the fair last's been a busy week, where did it go? Feels like only yesterday I was getting excited about going.

That means only 2 weeks until Handmade Home Fair......eek.....I haven't made much this week! Best get on.........

See...not a word about the'll have to follow me on Twitter for that!


  1. Yes...Where do the days, weeks, months go......? We are a third way through the year already, NOW where has That gone?
    Like you I think I would like to go back to this day in history.
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. My Dad was lucky to get out alive as he was in Caen!! I wonder what they would think of the sacrifice they all made today though!!!

  3. How lovely to take a moment to feel proud of our country! Makes a lovely change from the embarrassing farce we're experiencing at the moment.
    Lovely post and great 'colour' photo. x

  4. Hi hunni!
    Its got sadly!

    Glad you got the gift ok.....and you're very welcome, you have been a good friend to me...xxxx

  5. Great post and pics! My dad was in Europe at the time of VE day -- a soldier with George Patton's army. He was among those who helped liberate the horrendous concentration camps. I have newspaper clippings my mom saved from VE day. What an amazing and joyous relief this must have been for the folks who had endured so much.