Sunday, 2 May 2010

Show and Tell Sunday.....

Morning all & welcome to Show and Tell Sunday..... I say it every time but where has the month gone!

So with out further a do this months topic is your favourite china......

I have chosen this .......

Yes it's the 1950's Homemaker you all thought I'd show Cornish Blue didn't you?

I'm sure you all know the story of this china but I'll just re cap.

It was designed for the Stoke-on Trent potters Ridgway by a virtually unknown Staffordshire student. Sold by Woolworth's....oh how I miss Woolies! the masses. At the time it was very affordable....plates cost 2d (2 1/2p). However now it's a very different story, if you're lucky enough to find a perfect terrine it could be worth £100!

You can google Homemaker china & find lots of sellers but I don't believe in paying over the top for things just because it's 'on trend'....I've wanted some of this china for about 5 years but could never find it at boot sales, charity shop etc.

Then one Sunday a few years ago I came across this saucer in a box of odds & ends at a boot sale, just 50p....I was so happy!

Then just like buses this happened......

We had a Show & Tell at work...don't ask!....& I took my saucer. A lady I worked with had some pieces & she explained you could buy it anywhere...if you want to pay!

On my birthday a few months later she gave me the cup & saucer plus a side kind!
Then within 6 months another lady found 2 side plates in a charity shop!

I'll keep looking & one day I'll have the whole set!

But in the mean time I'm rather taken with this.....

Spode Baking days.

No surprise there then! I only have this plate (nothing matches in my house) but I would like more......I'll have to sneak it pass OH, we do have loads of china & certainly don't need anymore!

Do any of you have Homemaker china?

Does anyone remember Woolworth's selling it?

I'd love to hear your stories.

Thanks for joining in, the next one will be Sunday 6th June.....OH's birthday!.....
Topic - your favourite book, so get thinking ladies!

I'll be back to show you my goodies I brought at the Vintage & Handmade fair yesterday.
It was lovely meeting you all again.....great job Jayne & Michele...
looking forward to November!


  1. Brings back some memories!! My auntie had those black and white plates!!!

  2. As Angel said, that brings back memories of our Auntie, this was her 'best' service. I love it.

    Hugs RosieP x

  3. Hi, I like the idea of 'grown up' show and tell. I used to be a teacher ... what fun that would have been when we returned to work after the hols! Will try to get to Exeter for your fair.
    Lesley :)

  4. It's wonderful stuff, that Homemaker, but I can just remember how much my mother despised it in the 1970s - she had moved on and thought it was so old fashioned! I love it that we can appreciate it for its good design now, instead of seeing it as meremy a trend. It's great that you have found so much of it!

    Thanks for organising Show and Tell Sunday - I've really enjoyed my first attempt at it. I'll get thnking about my favourite book now!

  5. I love the black and white dinner service, how cool is that!!!

    The red and white is so you!!!

    Sorry hun I didn't get time to post, been trying to get sorted for hols and got thrown out of whack I'm back in next time xxx

  6. It breaks my heart to think of all the things my parents once owned that have long gone.. This set of Ridgeway china was just one of those items that I wish we still had.. along with the 'Beatles' plates and wallpaper rolls ..

    Lovely to see you at the fair Josie.. thanks for coming all that way.

    Michele xx

  7. Hi Josie. So lovely to meet you at the fair on sat...what did you buy?? i want to see! xx

  8. I've picked up the homemaker china in the antiques shops and my dad always tells me my nan had it and it was just "cheap" Woolies china back in the day.

    Victoria xx

  9. Oh no! I missed show and tell this month! I have a memory like a sieve I do.
    The homemaker china is gorgeous, ive see it before and loved it, so quirky.

  10. I love your homemaker china, I haven't got anything like that! Love the polka dot plate too! suzie xxx

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