Monday, 24 May 2010

Handmade Home Fair

I'm back.....I've been off work for the last week in order to be ready for the fair & it past in a blink of an eye :(

Saturday came & went in rather a blur but I survived...only just!

I thought I'd share some pictures.....

Packed & ready to go
I set up my table at home so I would be prepared......

Lucky as I didn't get time to take any photo's on the the little white bear in the basket? He's now on his way to Buenos Aires! In fact all the bears & cats found new homes :)

After a rocky start things got under way....

It was so hot & sunny I felt no one would come but I had my sister on the door with a clicker & we had over 300...yey..I was very happy with that!!

My neighbours.....
The lovely Louise from Lucky Lulu & Jo from Saints & Pinners.....Jo was very busy, people couldn't get near the fabrics....I managed to grab a piece with deers on :)

My good friend Kimberly......
Kimberly took these photo's for us you were thinking they're too good for me!!!

Penny.... and can you spot some very colourful things?

Yes you guessed it Sal was there....

Lovely goodies from Shabby Chick....

and the lovely Amanda herself....
I don't have any photo's of the fantastic Amy but check out her brooches here......this was one of the hottest items of the day, I think everyone in Exeter is wearing one.

It was a good day but not something I'd rush into again.....but never say never.....we have some thing very exciting in the pipeline for Nov/ watch this space.

With all the fuss I forgot Crafty Sunday.....I think you can all see I've been crafty this week!
Back to work for me tomorrow.......fingers crossed I have another fair on Sunday, outside so I hope the weather stay this good.

Have a good week.


  1. Wow, what a bust week you have had, your stand looks great I can see why you did so well..

  2. Wished I was there! Will there be another one?
    Juli xxxxxxx

  3. That looks like the kind of place I could waste a whole day! I bet you were shattered once it was all over!
    Kandi x

  4. Looks amazing :) Glad lots of people turned out on the hottest weekend of the year - definately looks worth it :)

  5. well done you!! wish i could have been there xx

  6. It all looks so good, I wish I could have been able to go! Glad it went so well for you! suzie xxx

  7. well done, that looked like a fab event.. so sorry I was away at the weekend & missed it. Lizzie x

  8. It certainly looks like it was a success and you had so many lovely things on show.

    Glad it went well for you

    Victoria xx

  9. so glad that it all turned out well in the end. Was lovely to see you - would definitely love to have a coffee - it's half term next week, so I'll be on full on kid entertainment duty, but hopefully be in touch after that to sort out a date to meet .x

  10. So glad it went well for you!!

  11. looks like you had a lovely time