Sunday, 30 May 2010

Another week, another fair

Hello everyone, I say this all the time but where did that week go? Older people say 'you wait til you get old it goes even faster'.......well & this rate I don't think it's worth even getting up in the mornings!

I was going to be good this week..... try to post twice & leave some comments but no yet again the time has raced by.

I went back to work on Tuesday....blimey that's hard work! I've have a 5 day week including an 11 hours day, I feel very tired now.
Would someone please employ me to sit at home & make things???
Thought not!!

Here's some delayed photo's.

First up.......

My lovely deer book ends that I purchased at the Vintage & Handmade fair, these came from Michele........she knows I have a thing for deers so she was tempting me!
Well of course I couldn't resist & now they have a lovely new home with all my other deers.

A long, long time ago I mentioned my friend (Hello Claire!!) was going to Ikea & I was planning on going with her ....however I felt under the weather with a rotten cold so stayed away.

She very kindly brought this for me.........

I'm so pleased as I regretted buying it all those years ago & was really happy when I heard they had brought it back......I need more bedlinen like a hole in the head but hey this is lovely!!!

Notice Nanny?.......I think he spends his whole life in bed....lazy tyke!

Today sees me heading off to Bow.....a little village not far from Exeter. I'll be selling at Heart of Devon's like a festival with live music all day & free to get in!
Hope it stays dry..... I thought I'd be sitting in the sun all afternoon, now I'm just hoping I don't get wet!
I'll be going with my crafty partner in crime.....Amy

I'm also getting ready for yet another Make, Do and Mend meeting on Tuesday.

Must dash as I need to finish my hair slides.

Back soon


  1. Love that bed linen! It is so cheerful.
    Julie xxxxx

  2. I didn't know about the Bow Fair. I hope it stays dry for you!
    I got up at 6am (damn Pheasant now sits below the bedroom window!! Worse than a cockerel!) and it was lovely outside and is still sunny spite of the weather forecast!
    Have a good time ;-)

  3. Have fun at the fair, looks like today might be a nice day (nicer than yesterday anyway though that WOULDN'T be hard!)


  4. Love the bedding!! Have a great time at the fair!!

  5. I didn't know they'd brought that bedding back! Yay! I bought it firat time around but it is pretty worn out now.

  6. I love the bedding! It's perfect for you :) Red always reminds me of you hun :)

  7. that bedding is lovely. And I do love your deer collection - you'll have to show us a photo of it all now, it must be quite a size by now.

    Hope the fair went well at Bow, I'd not heard about it, but it sounds like a lovely day out. Hope you have the chance for a rest over the rest of the weekend too, sounds like you'll be needing it!

  8. Busy, busy... I hope the fair's gone well today - it will be such fun if the weather's good, but...

    Email me if you'd like a Toulouse badge for your blanket - I'd love to find some and send them to friends!

  9. Bedding is great, have a good time at the fair.

    Hugs RosieP x

  10. lovely blog ;0)
    love the idea of your make do and mend meet ups- im in plymouth and wondering if i can manage to make it there by train ;0)
    i wouldnt want to get up if i had your beautiful bed! hehe

    x kazzy x

  11. I love those book ends!!

    Hope you're well

    Victoria xx