Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Business as usual

Hello everyone......I'm back :)

Say hello to my new friends all ready to come to the fair with me.
I knew as soon as I saw this lovely basket in Otto Retro it had to come home with me, well it is red!!!
My excuse was I needed it to display my pussy cats at the fair..... it's a little too big so now I have to make more cats & bears to fill it up.

I also brought this.....

A lovely scarf.......I normally wear scarves as I feel really uncomfortable when my neck is exposed.....why is that?
All winter I wear polo necks because of's a bit odd as I don't really like wearing a necklace as they're too tight! Weirdo!!!!
So this was my bargain scarf at only £3.50....pure silk, I've been wearing it to work most days as it brightens up my black uniform.

Last week I noticed my pear tree had come to life.....

Spot Nanny??? My shadow, he follows me everywhere.
Now I'm going to need your help with my pear tree.......OH gave it to me for valentines day about 3 years ago.....year 1 = nothing, year 2 = a few leaves but not this...what's going on?
Does it mean I'll have lots of pears?
He brought one that could go in a pot but I'm not sure if I should re pot it.....lots of space & no roots showing at the bottom of the pot. I've moved it to a sunny place in the that right? Can't find much out on the Internet & anyway sometimes it's better to ask....not so confusing.

As some of you will know from Twitter I've had a nasty tummy bug this week but pleased to report I'm on the mend. I must admit I've really enjoyed being ill!!!! It was time I could spend on me....only 2 days but it was good while it lasted. Back to normal today as it's my day off so I felt I couldn't use the.....'I'm ill'.....excuse any longer!
I've made quite a few things for the fair so I'm not panicking as much now. I was up at 5.30am this morning making this brooch.

Only 3 weeks to go until my fair......why did I start this?

I hope all you Exeter/Devon folk will pop in to say won't be as good as the Vintage & Handmade fair but hopefully it will be a darn site better then the normal fairs in Exeter!!!!

Today was Pop's birthday & we've just had the most wonderful Carvery for lunch......just hope it stays down...whoops sorry too much information!!!

Looking forward to saying hello on Saturday


  1. Pretty!

    I'm returning from a bit of a bloggy break and think I'd like to join in your Show and Tell Sunday, Joe. I'll have to see how things are going because life is crazy at the mo, but it looks great fun and I hope I'll be able to join you.

    Hope you're well and that all your lovely busy craft fairs and organisations are going well.

  2. How strange, I've just cut out some fabric to make oblong brooches like yours hopefully to be full of buttons, great minds.
    Love yours, have a real soft spot for anything UJ.

    B xxx

  3. Your new critters are really cute!


  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better!! I think if you have lots of blossom on your pear tree, it menas pears!! I'm not much of a gardener though!!

  5. I'm glad you're felling better hunny!!! Your makes for the fair are loooking great! Can't wait for the weekend!!!!

  6. Hi hunni!
    How is the wee one?
    I have been thinking of you.....

    Love Melxxx

  7. Hi there, I've been looking in my book about growing and preserving your own food to see what I can find out about your pear tree. Not sure how much help this will be - Pears usually start to produce fruit between 4 and 8 years after planting so that sounds about right for what's been happening with your pear. They flower at a time when there may still be frosts so you need to be careful about that. Choose a sheltered spot in your garden, and they benefit from warmth so a south facing wall is a good spot. They give the best results on well manured, moisture-holding soil. Apparently you should have a 2nd pear of another variety to allow for cross-pollination and so ensure a good crop - make sure both pears flower at the same time. Container grown pears can be planted out at any time of year subject to soil and weather conditions. Do you know the variety of your pear? Could see if it's mentioned in my book?? Hope this helps?? You could just see what happens this season and take it from there. I didn't plant our apple trees but I notice that we have two planted very close together. I have no idea what variety they are but we get lots of apples for the size of the trees.

  8. Ha ha! I know exactly what you mean... it is lovely sometimes to have an excuse to just curl up somewhere and doss a bit!
    I think if the roots aren't showing, it must be ok (?) hmmm, maybe! love your pussy cats! I wish you every bit of success at the fair! suzie xxx