Friday, 23 April 2010

Thank you......

Just a short post to thank you for your lovely comments on my last post. I really appreciate your support, it's great to have so many lovely friends who understand my situation.

Update: She's still with us....... I know the problem won't go away & I'm just buying time but I don't care. She won't get any better but if she can stay with me for a little bit longer I'll be happy.

On a lighter note I've been really busy with the craft fair......ahhhh only 4 weeks to go & I don't have enough to sell. I've been so busy organising it I haven't spent any time making.
This has got to change now....... I must spend less time on the laptop & IPhone & more time making!
Sorry about the photo's but I didn't get time to take any tonight so I thought I'd use my very cheerful new brooches!

I hope to be back on Sunday with some photo's of my Otto retro goodies I promised you weeks ago.
Fingers crossed it'll be business as usual.
Enjoy the sunshine


  1. I completely understand about your pussy cat. My cat Miss Sue will be 15 this year, and I worry about her even now, you have to enjoy every minute with them xx

    Sometimes I even prefer the company of a cat to people!

    Sam xxx

    PS yes I am an offical mad cat lady xx

  2. I'm so glad Zoe is still with you, every day was so precious to me when Newton was so ill - I knew he couldn't go on for a long time, but spent as much time with him as possible. I know just what Sam means above - I definitely prefer the company of a cat to people and must surely have turned into an official mad cat lady for taking my kitten into the garden on a harness! Lots of love to you. xx

  3. Enjoy your time together, with Zoe, I hope you get some much needed time!

  4. Glad that Zoe is still with you!! I hope you get the time you need!!

  5. So glad she is still with you, enjoy every moment.
    She is such a great age for a pussy cat, I am sure you will know when the time is right to let her go.
    Thinking of you, hope you get enough crafting done!

  6. I just wanted to send you a hug. I hope you're ok? Thanks for being so good to me on twitter recently. Means a lot.


  7. Hope you've managed to get some 'crafty' time. Your brooches are lovely. Sorry to hear your cat is poorly. My Tykes was very under the weather recently and had to spend some time in kitty intensive care. He is nearly 16 now and suffering a bit from dementia we think. He's always forgetting where his food is, bless him. Big hug!x