Thursday, 1 April 2010


Well another month as gone by ladies......where do they go?

March was very busy for me...... this year I was going to doing something but I feel I may have taken on more then I can cope with.
Make, Do and Mend will be meeting again on Tuesday & the craft fair is only 7 weeks away!!!!!
In the mean time I'm suppose to be selling at Knit Expo in Exeter in 2 weeks time......crumbs I don't even have much stock!!!
Last night we had a planning meeting after I finished work which was 7pm...I finally got home at 10.30 but then had to send emails to sellers etc until midnight......up again at 5.30am ......
All this & holding down a full time job......I must be crazy!!!!
I just want this to work so some day soon I can do what I love doing........
maybe I'm just having a tired day?

Ok.... I'm off now to send more emails for advertising..... Facebook group......and the list goes on!
oh by the way I now have a Folksy shop.......check it out

Don't forget Show and Tell on Sunday.......I'm not working that day (shop closed...yippee!!)
so I can relax.....maybe?


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  3. Wow you are busy - I know houw you feel though, as I had to do the same too whilst my business was getting off the ground and juggling 2 jobs is never easy!
    Have a rest over Easter if you can.

  4. Try and not work too hard or you will make yourself ill, then you will be no good for anything.
    Have a happy Easter,

  5. Sounds like you need a good rest!!
    Have a happy Easter.

  6. Have a lovely day off, you work so hard, xxx

  7. Happy Easter!

    Look forward to seeing you at the V&H next month.

    Victoria xx

  8. Don't overdo it.
    Happy Easter to you

  9. I can't beleive how fast this month is going!!!
    Yay just saw V's comment! Are you going to the V&H? Yay!!!!!!!