Sunday, 4 April 2010

Show & Tell Sunday

Well another month has gone by so it's time for Show & Tell.

This months theme is .....your favourite picture/photo.

Now before we start I've had problems with shinny spots on all my photo's & also I couldn't get my scanner to work...(yes my week just gets better!!) so I had to take picture of photo's hence the shinny spots.....please bare with me!

So here goes.....

I met OH in this pub way back in 1988, we lived there for a bit & had so much fun but it came to a end when it closed about 6 months later.
Years later OH was talking to the new owners & this sign was still in the basement so he brought it for us......ahh how sweet!!

This is me in 1977....

There's the shiny spot!
I love this photo as I think it sums up my life.....while my sisters were bickering with each other I was happy with lovely pets!
Ki the golden retriever, Hedi the white cat & my Jason....more on him later.

This is me Christmas 1977....

Check out that 1970 decor!!! Did you spot Nookie bear? He's still with me & was in my last Show & Tell on my bed! I remember this Christmas really was such a happy time, before teen angst then discovering life is all about working, paying the bills etc. I would love to go back to that age again with not a care in the world.

This is the worse photo but one of my all time favourite so I had to show you.....

My beautiful Jason.....named after Jason from The Walton's......he was a gift for my 3rd birthday, one of the best gifts I've ever received.....he came with a red ribbon around his neck & was given to me when I was still in bed......I can remember like it was yesterday. I loved Jason....even though we had lots of other cats he was very special. I would carry him around all the time, knit clothes for him & even pushed him in my dolls pram!
He was put to sleep when I was 11 & it broke my heart....I was in bed for a week!

I just know that he's waiting for me with Charlie at Rainbow bridge

So that's it for this month. Thanks to everyone who joined in......see you all Sunday 2nd May.

One more thing....

Enjoy your eggs & hot cross buns.....mmmmmm


  1. What a lovely post. I hope you are having a lovely Easter.

  2. Love the 70's pictures - rather similar to my childhood ones.

    Its hard if you've no scanner to photograph old pics - I've got a setting on my camera called behind glass & that minimises the flash spots on the photos.

    Look forward to next months Show & Tell :)

  3. Love this post!! Thank you for sharing!
    Happy Easter.

  4. what a lovely post. So good to have those photos and memories. Where was Garbo's ? I kind of recognise the name and the sign but I just can't place it!

    Will post my favourite picture - photos are all taken, must get round to uploading them to the computer, so might be a bit late, but I'll get there eventually.

  5. Hay sweetie! Great pictures Joe!
    How sweet of OH to buy the pub sign for you both!
    I am loving doing the show and tell hun xxx thanks for organising!!!