Sunday, 17 April 2011

What a week!!!!

Hello everyone.... it's a week since I last updated my blog & what a week it's been!

I'm still waiting for my royal wedding knitting book.... it better hurry as I now have less then 2 weeks before the big day! 

Last Sunday I also treated myself to some new jeans...

I brought them from Freddies of Pinewood - I'd been eyeing them up for a while now so when I saw they were reduced I had to snap them up. While I was there I also brought these...

The web site tells you how to measure yourself as the sizes are very different to high street stores..... well I measured & found my correct size but I have to confess they are a little tight around the tummy area!!! They fit well on the hips & waist so maybe I've got a huge tum.... well no maybe about it!! I could send them back but I think I'll keep them, I'm sure I can loose the weight (!!) & they're perfect for Make, Do and Mend & any 1940's event I attend.

So what's happened this week...... it all started on Tuesday when I was told my job will no longer exist from June 6th :( There are 3 managers in store at the moment but going forward there will only be 2....... I've been recommended, for reasons I've yet to find out, to take a non management role. This will be a selling role in the store working on commission. But of course a large pay cut is in order. I have to wait 2 weeks until my first consultation.
So who knows what 2011 will bring!! I think this is a positive move for the company but I never thought my job would be at risk.... for those who don't know I've worked there for 16 years!!! But hey it's happening to lots of people in lots of different jobs so why should I be any different...... it also may be the best thing for me.
I have to re apply for the new positions so today despite the lovely sunshine I've been attached to my laptop trying to rustle up a CV .... no fun!!

Just when I thought Tuesday couldn't get any worse I found out my web site had been hacked & had to be removed.... it never rains but it pours!
So on Wednesday we spent the day trying to get a new site up & running as I had people wanting to buy Make, Do and Mend tickets.

My brain has been like mush this week & I haven't really felt like making or doing anything..... I just sit & think & worry & panic!!!!

I hope your week has been better then mine!


  1. What a week you've had! As Dory would say "keep on swimming" and by the way I really do need some of those jeans!X

  2. Sorry to hear about your job Joe, one of my friends who was visiting yesterday is having to reapply for positions but she's not hopeful as she is newest out of those going for the 2 job.

    Well done though on your positive attitude towards it!

    Victoria xx

  3. Sorry to hear about your job. I hope you are successful when you apply, I oersonally think it very unfair you have to apply for a job you have been doing for years.
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  4. that's so crap about the job! however your jeans look great! hope it all works out ok!

  5. You have a great positive attitude, it must be the jeans ;o) which are lovely and I love the dungarees too xxx

  6. Sorry to hear that you have not had a good week. Love the jeans and dungarees x

  7. Wow what a crappy week! Hope things get better soon I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
    Kandi x

  8. I'm glad your looking at it as a positive, maybe it will give you the opportunity to spend time doing what you love!

    Good luck

    Vanessa x

  9. Habitat aren't big on loyalty and time served then! Hope it works out, maybe a pathway to something else?

  10. Sorry to hear you've had such a rubbish week. I hope it all looks up for you soon. If it's any consolation, my redundancy was the best thing that happened to me career wise (eventually!). Every cloud and all that :) sending good vibes your way x

  11. Love the jeans and overalls - so cute! And you're very slim and trim -- no tummy problem in sight.
    So sorry for the crummy week -- hope all works out well for you!

  12. What a rubbish week! I hope work goes the way you want it to its awful that you can work for a company for so long and they can treat you so badly, its happening all over but it still must be a horrible feeling xxxx sending huggggggssss xxxx

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