Sunday, 10 April 2011

Gotta have it!!!

Have you seen this???

I'm sure you have as it's been everywhere!

I've been looking at it for weeks ..... I just want to knit the corgi's....but is it worth spending £10?
On Friday I popped to Cath in Bristol & had a good look..... I can now say it's definitely worth it :)

You can buy it from The Book People for only £3.99... bargain!!!!

So now I'm waiting.... hurry up Mr Postie, I want to knit corgi's!!!

I'm looking forward to The Wedding....are you? What do you have planned?

I hope you're enjoying the beautiful weather..... unfortunately I've had to work. I've now been told my day off has changed next week so I'm working a whole week without a day off...... oh blimey I'm too old for that!!! I already have swollen feet thanks to my day out in Bristol..... standing & walking around the shop for 8 hours, rushing to the station to find my train was delayed so I had to stand on the platform..... train arrived packed so had to stand all the way home..... I think I was on my feet for over 10 hours!!!
Thank goodness for Clarks shoes!

Have a good week..... back soon


  1. thank you for the book people link, I to have seen this all over blogland but could not justify spending out on it. Now I think it will be one of my first post Lent purchases!

  2. How much for you to knit me a Queen????? I am serious! I cannot knit for toffee.. but since I saw this book I have dreamed of having a knitted Queen!!

  3. Forget all the other books I must seek out, this is the one for me!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. ha, these look great - look forward to seeing the corgis when you do them!!

  5. I'm with you -- love the corgis but think I've got too many other things in my queue to spend time knitting the rest of the group ;). Can't wait to see your pups!

  6. I can't wait to see your knitted corgi's!

    I'm having some family over to watch the Royal Wedding, it reminds me of when Fergie got married and we got together with friends and watched it on tv!

    Victoria xx

  7. Hi Joe

    Yes I did smile when I spotted that book in the Book People catalogue. If only I could knit! It is a fun idea. Have fun making them!
    Isabelle x

  8. I would say it's definitely worth it!!! I can't wait for the wedding, very excited! James keeps laughing at me because I want to get keepsakes for Sophie!!!

  9. How cute are they!!!
    I'm having a giveaway if you want to pop over and join in!