Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Hope you're all having a lovely sunny bank holiday :)

I've had today off so enjoyed the sun for a couple of hours..... back to work tomorrow.

I feel like I've lost my crafty mojo this royal wedding book finally arrived on Tuesday & I started making the Queen...

It's been a slow process :(

Fingers crossed my mojo is just hiding in the bottom of the wool tub!

No news at work...... haven't heard anything from head office but I've been told that the decision has been made so the other person isn't going to bother filling out the paper work as they already have the job!!! I've completed my CV today & I'm all ready for the meeting on Wednesday. I've also heard that other people have had problems with getting redundancy pay..... oh it's such a worry!!!

Back soon with a finished Queen...... hopefully!!!


  1. Fingers crossed for you here.
    Looking forward to seeing the Queen, yours that is not the real one ;o)
    Hope you've had a good Easter!

    B xxx

  2. Happy Easter Joe, sorry to hear you haven't got too much of the Bank Holiday weekend off work and of course disappointed to hear that work are being slow to let you know what is happening,

    Victoria xx

  3. hope things start to look up for you soon. looking forward to seeing your queen!

  4. Looking forward to seeing your finished queen xx

  5. will keep my fingers crossed for good news on the job front and am looking forward to seeing your queen - are you doing anything for the wedding ?

  6. Have you finished the queen yet? Can't wait to see! Hope the rest of it goes well.

    Pomona x