Monday, 11 October 2010


Hello everyone..... I started this post yesterday but was feeling so rough I gave up. 
It's a official .......I finally have my first cold for years :( 
I've been really smug since I started taken Echinacea, for the last couple of years I've escaped all the coldy bugs going around but on Saturday night while out with a friend my throat started to get really sore. When I woke on Sunday I felt terrible...... although I don't have a runny nose etc I feel really achy & generally unwell. 

Luckily it was my day off yesterday so I slept for most of the day then a further 10 hours last night.... I woke this morning hoping it would've passed but it's still here. I've taken loads of pills so fingers crossed it'll been gone by tomorrow.... not a good way to spend my 2 days off!

Today I'm going to tell you all about Salmonhutch.....

This is the train crossing leading to Salmonhutch. It's just outside Crediton where I grew up & spent most of my summer holidays. My Nanny was evacuated here in the war as she was pregnant with my mum..... she used to drive the ambulances in South London. My mum was born in a large house just to the right of this photo & Auntie used to live in the station house. 

Mum used to wash her tortoise in the stream to the right of the railway lines & was put on the trains by her cousins.... you can read about it here.

I love Salmonhutch..... it's so peaceful & beautiful..... 

Sophie & Robbie enjoying the river

Oliver going for a swim

Sophie not looking her best!

I'd love to live here but the houses are so small & so expensive now!

But look at that view!

The hill in the back ground is know as 'Break Heart'.... why???
Because it would break your heart if you tried to walk up it!!! 

We used to roll down it..... I lost a bumble bee brooch once.... gutted :( 
I still think of it even though it must be over 30 years ago! 

When I was growing up my dad used to work nights so we had to be really quiet until lunch time. I loved the summer holiday when we would be packed up with lunch, rubber tyres, fishing nets, dogs etc I sent to the river for the day..... down break heart we would roll & spent the day playing or sun bathing before Dad picked us up in the afternoon.

My eldest sister heard of a good tip to get a lasting tan..... cooking oil & aftershave!! 
Yep she really did cover us in that & made us lay out cooking in the sun...... I was only about 6 but I can remember the look of horror on mum's face when she saw us!
I had to sit in a cold bath for hours!

They were really happy days........ simple things that cost no money.

Now I just go back for my birthday..... mum brings bacon sandwiches, hard boiled eggs & a flask of tea...... it has to be the same every year! 
We sit in the peace & quite watching the dogs swimming & playing..... I think they're getting fed up of this ritual but I love it...... cheap date me!!!

Over the last couple of weeks I've been clearing up the garden & tucking it up for winter...... I covered my salad bar & put my figures on the top but look who else took a fancy to it.....

Nanny the sun god!!!
My Cath Kidstion book arrived today.... yippee!! I need it for Friday.... more on that later in the week.

Have a good week


  1. Nanny looks so cute!
    Enjoy the Cath book, keep warm and get well soon!xxxx

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

    Victoria xx

  3. hope you are feeling better soon, there does seem to be a lot of different lurgies about at the moment. :-(

    Salmonhutch looks absolutely beautiful - I've never heard of it - funny isn't it how you can live somewhere for so long and still not be aware of things right on your doorstep. It looks like it was a lovely day.

  4. It all looks so idyllic! The perfect place to spend a childhood! ;-) x

  5. Oh, I hope you feel better soon! I loved reading this post, such happy memories, lovely dogs, and a cute cat too! Susie xxx

  6. Hope you feel better. Lovely walk down memory lane. It looks a lovely place.x

  7. Poor Lamb! I always brag about echinacea being the reason I don't get colds ~ I am touching wood as I type here! Hope you are soon better. How lemonde and whisky fixes me, it tastes yuk but it works.
    Kandi x

  8. Sorry you're feeling poorly - hope it goes away soon! It was nice to read your memories and see the lovely photos of the countryside and the wet dogs! xx

  9. The dogs look like they had a really good time - we havent taken the puppy to the river yet - think I will be really scared the first time he goes in. Hope you feel much better soon. Love and hugs Sara X

  10. Morning!
    I'm still waiting for work, in the mean time, I've got some vintage CK fabric washing, cos I'm going to make over my kitchen this week!
    Pickle is running round and round the house! In a really mad fashion!
    I think we did meet on a FB group!
    Seems like only two mins ago!xxx

  11. Aw I hope your feeling better soon. Stock yourself up on some soups too.

    This looks like a really lovely place and how adorable are your animals!

    Yes tell us more about your book when you get chance.


  12. I hope you're feeling better soon you poor thing.
    Loving the look of that place. I've never heard of it.