Sunday, 3 October 2010

Show & Tell Sunday

Yes it's that time again.....

This month is......
Something you want to do before you die

Rather a long title don't you think?

Now there is only one thing I want to do..... something that I've wanted to do since I can't remember when....... 

Go to see this....

Yes it's the Northern Lights.

Now of course I haven't been so I couldn't take any photo's so all my images are courtesy of 

So you may ask why I haven't been to see this amazing site...

Well it's simple.... OH hates the cold!!!  I've been with him since I was 17 & we tend to do holidays together but I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet & do it alone. However while researching for this post I've seen the price!!! Over £1,000 for 3 day.... gulp....I better get saving then!

I need to go while I'm still young..... you don't feel the old so much & I can't see myself going across the snow in a sledge pulled by Huskies when I'm 70!
Mind you with my poor back I can't see myself doing it when I'm 50!
Maybe I can save & do it for my 40th..... everyone can give me cash to go...... mmmm that sounds like a good idea :)

I was speaking to my dad years ago about this & he said I must do it because life goes so fast..... he upset me as he was talking about how he was young & thought he had his whole life in front of him... then one day you wake up & you're in your 60's & on the way out. 
I don't want to think of my dad on his way out :(

 I know I have to go & now I've seen you can do this....

Count me in!!!!

The only other thing I really want to do is touch a lion or tiger..... I'm not fussy!
I don't think I'll find them in Norway so that's going to be another trip!
We once went on a trip in Spain to a sanctuary that let's you hold rescued cubs...... all day it took us to get up the mountain.... only to find they lied!!
I couldn't touch them at all...... it was full of rescued animals but they were all sad & it just made me sad :(

So that's my thing..... what about yours????

Does anyone want to do the next one????

Sunday 7th November


  1. May I join you.........? I hope you get there I have only seen it when Johanna Lumley did it for the BBC, it looked spectacular just seeing it on television.
    A couple of years ago I really wanted something so I set about saving £2 coins - once you've got five of them you have £10. I still save them for that little something.........!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. I want to go up in a hot air balloon!
    I like the idea of touching a Lion or Tiger too, have you ever watched Lionman, he is so good with his cats!

  3. I'm obviously partial to seeing the Northern Lights from the Swedish side. ;) This is a really nice thing to go to: ; it's a market/fair that's been going for hundreds of years every year! I was up there in my teens and it was amazing. Got to go shopping AND see the Northern Lights. The -26 C made it a bit frosty though. ;) x

  4. It would be wonderful to do that - I think you should go for it and ask for the money for your 40th, as you suggest! Ben and I actually saw the Northern Lights from our cottage in Cumbria, although they were nothing like so dramatic as your photos - just a mysterious pink glow in the night sky. Still, it's good to know we've seen them. I really would love to go to Macchu Pichu in Peru - the mountainous Inca city. I've been put off by realising that most people get altitude sickness when they go there, though...

  5. This is one of mine too! My husband has seen them in Scotland whilst fishing overnight, he swears he wasn't drunk!!
    Kandi x

  6. That woudl be really cool! I'm not sure about the cold either!!
    James wants to takem the baby to see father christmas at the north pole one day. I had better prepare for that!!!!

  7. It's so funny a guy at work has been talking about doing this.

    Sorry I didn't join in yesterday, I couldn't think of anything I desperately wanted to do - does that make me boring?!

    Victoria x

  8. it looks amazing, but I have to say, I'm with your other half on that one, I HATE the cold, and really feel the cold terribly, so my idea of the Holiday from hell would be to go to somewhere where the temperature was -26!

    What I would love to do before I die is: Go to New York - I've always always wanted to go there, from the age of about thirteen. I've been pretty fortunate in my life and have travelled a fair bit, but despite going to America a number of times, I've still never made it to New York. One day though I will (actually, another thing I would love to do is go to New England in the fall, so perhaps I could make it into a real trip of a lifetime and do both)!!

  9. I am with you, so wrapped up well with the local choice of attire I think Norway will be so very magical, I found Norway stunning when I went last summer. I was told that this was a good year to see the Northern Lights and these good years come in 10 year cycles! so you have 9 to save your pennies and I may even join you.
    Carol x

  10. This is a tuff one!
    As I have absolutely no idea of what I would like to do before I died!
    Yours is a good one, though!
    And I truly hope that it will happen... soon!
    If I win the Euro Million Lottery this Friday... I will offer to pay for your trip!
    That`s it!
    What I would like to do before I die... is to help as many people as possible... after winning the 120 million on the lottery this Friday!Lol


  11. oooh I would love to see that too! And stroke a wild cat! Lion, tiger, whatever, doesn't matter. I would love to hold a monkey! I would also like to go back to where I grew up, Nova Scotia in Canada, its the cost that has stopped me so far. As for you OH, could you not knit him up a cosy extra warm snow suit! Ha ha! Susie xxx

  12. ooohhh I'm intrigued!!!
    what is the something special????????
    I'm back on FB if you want to private message me!xxx