Monday, 18 October 2010

Cath Kidston

Sorry I didn't pop in sooner to let you know if I went or not.

Well the good news is I did go!!! 

The bad news is I was really not well enough & ended up being ill & not being good company.....sorry ladies!
So you'll be wanting to hear what happened???

We headed off at lunch time for the very long drive to Cheltenham & finally arrived at nearly 3pm!
After a quick coffee to pick us up we headed off for some retail therapy..... no guesses where we went!

We were hoping Cath would pop in the shop but after hanging around for sometime we gave up.
I was not happy as I really wanted the squirrel salt & pepper pots but they didn't have any :(

I had enough birthday money left that's been burning a hole in my pocket since August but I didn't want to pay £5 delivery charge. I did of course find other things to buy! I'll show those next time.

So after walking around for a long time we headed back to the town hall.... this is when it all went wrong for me, I'm not sure if it was the lights, coffee or generally being unwell but I did not feel great :(
After a late start we got in the tent & it was very busy.... I guess she doesn't do many interviews.... in fact I've only heard her speak twice. Once on Kirstie's Homemade Home & I wasn't impressed.... she came across as very shy so I was worried about how she would talk for an hour to a sell out crowd.

Also I've been loving her things since about 1995..... not long after she started..... what if I didn't like her? There's always that fear that when you meet someone you admire they turn out to be an idiot!!

No danger here...... she came across very relaxed & very humble. She was surprised she had done so well & had no real business plan, she said it was down to her loyal customers.....yes that's us ladies!!!....I really enjoyed listening to her talk, she was very interesting. After a few questions from the audience it was a mad dash to get out & back to the book signing tent.

It was packed!! At the same time Nigella was in another room & they both ended up signing in the same tent. I'm not a huge fan of Nigella for reasons I won't go into but I know a few of you do like her so this is for you....

(All the pictures are taken on a mobile so not great quality)

So after queuing for a while.... a long while.... we got to the front...

My friend took these photo's..... when I got home I looked at mine & they're really bad! I didn't realise how wobbly I was....they're really blurred! Take a look....

 Trust me that's the best one!

This will be my most treasured book now! I did speak very briefly to her about meeting Stanley :)

So then the long journey home began.... was it worth it???

You bet!!!

So Saturday I went back to work feeling very ill. I managed the whole day but not the work's night out, which was frustrating as we had won the money for doing well over the bank holiday weekend but the idea of sitting in a small pub with very loud drunk people did not appeal to me!

Waking up on Sunday I felt just as bad...... I don't know why I can't shift this cold.

So this week I'm on holiday .... I had a few plans but they've all disappeared now :( 
I'm just hoping I feel better soon so I can do something.

Back later in the week


  1. Wow!! That certainly made the day worth it!!
    Hope you feel better now : )

    Sharon xx

    As a fellow Cath fan, I'm thrilled that you had such a great day!
    A signed book, totally fab!
    Really hope you are back to full health soon, enjoy the week off, I'm having some time off this week, started my CK purse the other day, looking good already, going to line it in a nice vintage CK Melxxx

  3. Hope you are feeling better and lucky you, getting to meet her. Don't suppose she gave you a spare catalogue did she ;0) Sounds like a wonderful day :0)



  4. Congrats on making it through!- worth it for that little meeting moment and the signed copy- very special

  5. Oh well done for going even though you felt rubbish, you would have regretted it if you hadn't I bet! I hope you feel better soon this bug has got hold of my Hubbie at the minute too it's awful! Look after yourself, plenty of rest.
    Kandi x

  6. Hope you are feeling better, you are a true CK fan!

  7. Hope you start feeling better very soon. We very nearly booked tickets to go and see Cath but in the end couldn't face the journey. Thanks for sharing your pictures.
    Ann x

  8. Hope you are feeling better. I have this cold too, I just wish it would go away. I have had it over a week now.
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  9. Gald you enjoyed the day in the end hunny...despite feeling under the weather.
    What a lovely keepsake....
    Karen x x x

  10. Wow, you really do hobnob with the fancy people, don't you ;)? How fun that you got a signed book from CK. I love her things too, but we don't get many of her products over here in The Colonies ;(.
    So sorry you're still feeling puny! We all have terrible allergies here during Fall and sniff and sneeze constantly. Silly of me I guess, but I always think of England as being so pristine that no one could possibly have allergies there.

  11. Hi Fancy you meeting Cath and Nigella- you lucky thing !
    Hope you are feeling better now.
    Sorry for the delay but I have finally posted about your lovely giveaway. For some reason it wouldn't let me upload the photo, so I will try again another day.
    Best wishes
    Sue x

  12. Hope you feel much better now, I have had that darn cold, and its taken ages to go! What a lovely book now, with her signature.. something to cherish! Susie xx