Monday, 24 March 2014


Saturday saw me heading off to Crikey & for once I wasn't worn out from making!
The organiser very kindly gave us a table for the shop, we had a selection of vintage goodies all boxed up & ready to go

It was at the Exeter Castle, a new venue for Crikey & I can say it worked really well.
Leading up to the building there was plenty of space for vintage cars….. this was my favourite.

You'd never know you were a couple minutes walk from the main hight street

Close up of our table

A big selection of goodies

Thankfully there was less to carry back! 
It was so good to spread the word about the shelter & the great work that goes on there.
I'm loving my job…. let's face it, I'm getting paid to do Crikey!

And of course I had to treat myself!

Woods Ware Jasmine Beryl cups & saucers & a Tupperware tub for my toy eyes.
The cups were a really good price, I've seen them at Crikey for double the price so I'm very happy!

Hold your breath…..

Yep I brought a dress!!

I saw a lady wearing one in the morning & thought how nice it was. I then found this one on the 1/2 price rail in my size!! I nearly didn't get it, there was a few people trying to get it off me but my brother was very firm & I parted with my cash. Now will I be brave enough to wear it?

I'm not sure about the neck detail, it shows off more than I care to show. I won't be able to wear a vest underneath so any ideas?

Today is my day off so I'm making the most of my purchases!

I'm also cracking on with making things


  1. That looks so good. I unfortunately don't drive and any vintage fairs here in Lincolnshire are usually a fair way away from me. Never mind I do get to see what all you lovely bloggers get up to so get my fix that way. Love your Woods ware. Dd and I are now selling vintage on line and I found a whole box of this I once bought from a CS. Having told her excitedly that I had loads to sell her face dropped! Apparently she loves it so much I don't think it will be going far. Love that dress BTW. How about finding a fitted coloured vest in a similar shade to pop underneath it would just look like a modesty panel then. X

  2. Love the dress. Either a vest, or find a piece of fabric and either attach it to you bra, try and sew it in the dress, or can close up the 'v' a little with a few little stitches
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  3. I'm loving anything yellow at the moment so I too would've snapped up those cups and saucers - just perfect for spring.


  4. I love the dress Joe! No need to change anything to it, just feel fabulous!
    Spring is here I am told (if it ever stops raining) and hoping you'll share some of your reading soon!
    Happy Mum's Day!

  5. looks like it was a great day! As for the dress, could you either get a co ordinating fabric underneath for a modesty panel, or sew up the v a little way ?