Friday, 7 March 2014

100 Happy Days

Another week another 7 happy days!

Finally found this book!

Afternoon nap with my new bedlinen & book

My volunteers dress her mum made it for her. It's over 70 years old & still beautiful

My friend made me a salmon quiche 

Finding a Johnson Greendawn jug!

A tiny clock came into the shop & came home with me! It's only 10x13 cm!
I need a key, any ideas?

Finishing my nephews birthday present. 

Slightly gutted by the pattern for the tanktop, the neck is really small. I've checked the pattern & I did it right. At worse it won't fit, at best it'll be a crew neck :( 
Figures crossed!

It's been a good week for charity shop finds but I must stop buying!

I've been passed Laura Ashley a lot lately & every time I look in it reminds me of how unhappy I was. I can't believe I stuck it out for so long but I'm so happy I left. I love my job, it has it's challenges but I work with lovely volunteers & although the work is hard I feel I'm doing good.
At the moment we are the top shop in the region & had some fantastic shop visits from the top bods so I'm very happy!

My crafty window display 

And when the cleaning, sorting & dealing with crazy people gets too much I pop on the website & see how many animals need our help then I'm ready to go again.

Back soon for my February book review


  1. what great finds and I always love your window dressings!

  2. What a lovely selection of photographs. I found the neckline on the pullover very tight too, my dad didn't like the fit at all. I ended up unpicking the neckline, and then adding some extra rows of pattern.

  3. Enjoyed checking your new titles Josie-Mary, let us know how they turn out will you?
    Nice window dressing (the tablecloth is just my colour!)
    All the best,