Saturday, 22 March 2014

100 Happy Days

What made me happy this week

My parents gave me this picture that my nan had made

No more winter boots!! 4 days later I was back in them :( 

You can't beat the real thing!

Last day of holiday, last day of cuddles 

No make up selfie, me from 1977!

Tickets arrived!

New bag & travel sewing machine

Only 25 days to go!


  1. I keep on thinking today is the last day I will have to sport wellies but so far, no go! Rain non stop here on the island (I could loose the Corgi in the mud!)
    Love the bag!
    Happy Spring (your photo reminded me of our daughter, a cat lover like yourself but born in 1977!)

  2. We had a taste of spring but winter hasn't finished with us yet I'm afraid! Love your selfie! X

  3. So jealous of coca cola! I used to be addicted to the stuff but on weight watchers it's 3 points and I only got 26 a day and couldn't justify the points on a drink rather than food!!