Thursday, 20 February 2014


Over 5 years ago I taught myself to make granny squares & started my blanket.

I wanted to make a traditional one from scraps…… this is how it looked back in January 2009, just after I started blogging

I wasn't really happy with it so I decided to unpick it & do a cream edge around each square

I asked your advice & everyone agreed the cream looked better

So it started to grow

And grow!

But the problem was I had chosen a really small crochet hook, you know what it's like when you can't wait to start a project so you just use what you have! I've been regretting it every since :( 

And over the 5 years I've become busier with my selling so this went on the back burner. I was so determined to finish it by the end of 2013 you could find me beavering away every Sunday evening

And finally on New Years Day I finished!

5 years & 9 months!

It's taken awhile to take some photo's but it's been used a few times for afternoon naps!

So here it is…….

The colours look a bit weird because of the light but you get the picture.

I'm so pleased I've finished it at last, I love it!!

2014 is all about finishing projects (& starting new ones)

Do you have a project you plan to finish this year?


  1. It was worth the wait, you've done a superb job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cozy with all the nasty weather we have experienced this year and congratulations!
    All the best,

  3. It looks great, lovely and warm. I want to start a few projects, and I need to finish a few but............ I need motivation!!!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. It looks brilliant, I bet you are so pleased that you persevered.
    Joy x x

  5. It looks so great Joe. You've inspired me to crack on with my blanket (knitted rather than crochet). It's such a long project, think I needed a break in the middle. xx

  6. Well done for finishing it off. It looks lovely with the cream edge; really shows off the colours of the squares. May it keep you warm for many a winter xx

  7. it looks amazing - well done for persevering. Seems like perfect timing as the weather is just crying out for blankets to snuggle under at the moment. Hope you are feeling better from your cold by now.

  8. What an accomplishment it's always nice to finally finish a project isn't it. It does look very snugly and will give you comfort for years to come xx