Saturday, 8 February 2014

100 Happy Days

Another week of #100happydays

Saturday was pizza but unfortunately the photo has disappeared!
But I can tell you it was a very nice treat after a long day at work :)

A lazy Sunday morning with some sunshine

Extra cheese on my cottage pie!

Cuddles with Jean


New watch…. I've wanted this for about 6 months!

New record player

I couldn't believe my luck when my manager turned up at the shop late on Friday evening saying he had a treat for me! It turned out he found this record player at our shelter, it was going to another shop when he rescued it for me…… he thought I would like it & how right he was!
I'm not suppose to be buying anymore but this is small enough to hide away so OH will never know! 

I've now completed 32 days & I'm finding it's getting harder….. as you can see there's lots of food this week! No wonder I'm so tubby :) 


  1. Great rescue on the record player. Is it dark blue? I have only seen red and light blue
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Cottage or Shepherd's Pie is my favourite.