Saturday, 4 January 2014

That was 2013!

Yep another year has passed us by…….. join me in looking back on what I did & didn't do!

 I spent a lot of January working in Bristol, I was planning on going for the store managers position so was trying to impress…. wish I hadn't bothered! 
I also signed up to the 50 book challenge.

 Making 1940's brooches, reading books & testing products.

 Holiday, yarn bombing, theatre, gigs & cracking on with my granny square blanket.

 An all time low….. lots of gigs, drinking too much & feeling unhappy due to work. I walked out on Sunday 28th April!

 Days out, spending time with loved ones & my girls…. feeling free!

Enjoying the sunshine, remembering Zoe, finally handing in my notice at Laura Ashley & getting a new job! 

Starting working for RSPCA, lovely sunshine, remembering Ted & feeling happy again!

 Days out with friends & family in the sunshine & rain! My birthday

 Remember Charlie, celebrating 5 years in blog land, days out & crafting.

 Make, Do and Mend moves to the shop, autumn sunshine, poorly foot & new shoes!

 Working hard in the garden, remembrance day, getting ready for Christmas & Crikey!

Feeling poorly, staying in bed, making lots & spending time with friends.

I think 2013 was the year I changed things….. I'm very good at going with the flow even if it makes my unhappy.

My plans for 2013 included…

  • Get more cats! Nope. worried the girls won't like it
  • Sort my job out  Yep finally!!
  • Pull my finger out with Make, Do and Mend or stop doing it I struggled throughout the year but pulled the plug in December
  • Be more prepared for Crikey.... don't leave it until the last minute NOPE
  • Sort out my crafting area Nope
  • Decorate my living room & bathroom Nope
  • Slow down & enjoy life more I think so!
  • Sew an item of clothing Nope
  • Finish my crochet blanket..... think it's about 5 years since I started! Nope but more about this in another post!
  • Read more books - I've signed up for a challenge Yep
  • Be happy! For the latter part of the year YES!!

I think I did ok!

So 2014….. what will you bring?

  • Book in for 3 big craft fairs at Christmas & don't waste time throughout the year
  • Plan ahead & make stock that will sell - be organised!
  • Complete my things to do list
  • Make something for me!
  • Think of different ways to continue Make, Do and Mend on a small scale
  • Continue reading
  • Spend more time with my family (my mum has been poorly)
  • Spend less time on my laptop & more time crafting 
  • Stay happy!
I think that's enough to be going on with!

What plans do you have?


  1. Thank you for sharing... I need to start a list for 2014! Stay Happy, Lizzie x

  2. A great post of reminiscing and looking forward, your list for 2014 exciting x

  3. I think it shows like many of us, you have grown as a person Joe?
    I did not make a list and I prefer not to look back but straight ahead...(no chance to feel regrets that way!).
    Looking forward to see the titles you will read this year Dear! I just know I will find a few gems there as always!
    God bless and be good to yourself,