Friday, 3 January 2014

Christmas 2013

Over a week has passed since the big day, the decorations have been packed away for another year but I still wanted to do a quick reminder.

For me it's all about the food!! 
OH looks after me very well & cooks for me all day, you can see my lovely dinner (the best bit of the day), turkey sandwiches, pickled onions & the lovely Christmas cake my mum made us.

Popsy & Jean had stockings from my mum but you can see Popsy is not impressed!

I did very well on the presents……. a selection of Cath goodies, IWM calendar, 2 tins of biscuits, iPad case, cat bracelet, crazy cat lady figure (not sure why!!), handmade cat door stop from my sister who's just starting to knit again. Another yarn holder, ok so that was a gift to myself after seeing it on Julie's Facebook page. 

And my beautiful cat purse……. don't you think it looks like Popsy? Not sure what I'm going to use it for yet as I don't wear make up but I'm sure I'll think of something.

All in all it was a good one & this year I wasn't worn out from extra hours at work!
However I still feel terrible with my cough & haven't made it back since the new year :(
Chest x rays are all cleared (a good thing!) so now I'm just waiting for my blood test results to come back next week.

December flew passed as it always does….

I made a few gifts which Matthew seemed to like! I spent every Sunday in December with my family…. something I've never done before due to the joys of working. A evening at the theatre with my lovely Twitter friends, spending time with my girls & being in bed a lot!

I'll be back with a round up of 2013, book reviews & what I plan in 2014

Stay dry & safe!


  1. Sound a like a good Christmas, look forward to your 2013 review. Happy new year to you and yours xxx

  2. There is nothing like a good round of Christmas celebrations to perk up (and brace ourselves for another year) isn't there?
    Wishing you and the kitties a healthy and peaceful New Year Joe!
    Do take care of that cough!

  3. Now why on earth would anyone buy you a crazy cat lady figure?! ;o)