Friday, 17 January 2014

100 Happy Days

I have so much to share but not enough time to blog :(

I thought I'd start with #100happydays

Have you heard of it? 
I started seeing the tag on photo's on Instagram & then it started to appear on some blogs…. I thought I'd give it ago as January is such a dull month!

I tend to dwell & worry about bad things & forget to spot things that make me smile so I thought this challenge was for me. 

I've managed to keep it up for 10 days, I'm impressed! I do find it tough, some days I have lots to make me smile & others it's hard to find one thing!
Sometimes you see something that make you happy but it's not always possible to take a photo…. unless you want to look like a crazy person :) 

So do you want to see what's made me happy so far?

Beautiful hand knitted tank tops donated to the shop

Playing with Popsy

Cuddles with Jean

Winter sunshine

Afternoon nap

Seafood linguine 

A big bag of wool!

A day at the animal shelter I work for

Meeting Beautiful Lottie

My brother buying me fish & chips! 

It's the little things in life that make me happy!

Why don't you give it a go :)

You can find me on Instagram here 

Back soon with an update on Knit for Victory & to show off my latest make


  1. what a lovely post, i'm sure there will be lots more happy things to photograph, the last photo bought back lots of happy childhood memories i used to love those!!

  2. Looking forward to discover what happens in your corner of the world for 2014 Joe and sending hugs from the Pacific NW coast to Popsy and Jean!
    Lottie looks so lovely and ex-RAF flyboy says he'd love the Fish n' Chips snacks!

  3. I love your photos, especially the knitted tank tops; that yellow one!

  4. those tank tops are fab - what a great thing to receive. And Lottie is just the cutest. I saw the hashtag as well and thought about joining in, but then shelved the idea, as too much else going on. Seeing your photos, I might start late and join the party after all.


    oooh nice challenge...Keep up the good work! Kisses noodleBubble X