Friday, 30 November 2012

Time goes so fast....

This is how I feel at the moment!!!

Christmas is fast approaching...... all though I only buy a few gifts I'm really having problems thinking of ideas this year..... the tree needs to go up..... cards need to be written..... extra hours needed at work.... it's all go isn't it?

To top it off I've been poorly for the last week

I posted a week ago that I was having my final wisdom tooth out. I knew it would be harder this time as I had to see a specialist which is never a good sign!
After 5 injections I could still feel everything so he had to injected my teeth....... it only took an hour to get the blighter out!

It was so painful but I wasn't bruised at all..... tough old bird me!

On Friday I took a turn for the worse, I was freezing cold, felt sore all over & sick. I thought it would pass but I was unable to go to work on Saturday.

I did manage to work Sunday & Monday but felt rotten, a visit to the doctor on Tuesday had me back on the antibiotics. My mouth was really infected hence the sickness.
Thankfully the drugs worked really well & by Wednesday I could tell it was getting better...... now just the side effects from the antibiotics!

So it's been a pretty rubbish week..... I'm trying not to get stress about all the things I still need to do.
I have 1 more fair on Tuesday 4th & then Make, Do and Mend mend in the evening.

But on the plus side I'm on holiday from Sunday 2nd December..... only a few days but it'll help!

I'm really looking forward to spending time with my girls

I can't believe we've had them for 4 weeks tomorrow!

They're getting better but it's very slow...... Katie will allow you to fuss her for a bit but Gina hides all the time. She'll come out about 9pm & will be stroked for about 5 mins. I guess after 8 years of mistreatment it's going to take time to trust me.
All the pictures are very dark at the moment because I can't use the flash...... you can see more on Instagram 

Work update: I'm staying put until I can have a meeting with the top dog..... I've been told I'm too militant to work for the company. I've also been told I can't do any more craft fairs because they can't give me Saturdays off. I'm told when I can have my holiday..... can't have them when I want them! So no wonder I've started fighting back! I can't see myself staying forever but theres no point leave in January..... I just need to find something urgently!

I hope to post again while I'm on holiday


  1. Oh dear sounds like a rough week :(

    I had 2 of my wisdom teeth out - the other 2 have retreated high into my gums. Glad you're feeling better now xx

    As for work - I hope that rights itself soon - doesn't sounds like its much fun for you at the moment.

  2. Hope you feel better soon, and glad the cats are settling in.

    That job sounds awful, I couldn't work like that.
    Julie xxxxxxx

  3. Sorry to hear you've been having a pants time! Enjoy your few days off and hope the fair goes well for you. Can't believe how quickly Christmas is approaching yet I still have so much to do :o)

  4. your image did make me laugh, it was just how I feel my day today has been. Time is flying towards christmas & I've spent the day feeling totally overwhelmed with all that there is to do and having to spend the day dealing with heating engineers instead of the stuff that I wanted to do (thanks to M always booking appointments for my day off and then going out himself - grrr). Hope you have a good weekend - sorry about the work situation, that sucks - how awful are they - no wonder you are militant, but like you say, they have you over a barrel these days don't they - have got similar issues myself, been told I can only take "holiday" if I agree to work from home during it, but like you, couldn't afford to leave, even if I wanted to. Not even sure if I have a contract after January (a fact I think they are exploiting). Sigh. Hopefully things will look up for us all soon. Hope the last fair goes well and glad you are feeling better xx

  5. So sorry for your infection and painful week. Take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon!! Your kitties are so sweet! xo Heather

  6. Oh no!
    I'm glsd to hear you are on the mend. I can totally sympsthise with the work thing and there is nothing worse than being unhappy in your job, I love my job but at the moment I'm working with someone who is driving me nuts and totally trying to undermine all the hard work I have put in over the last couple of months.
    Oh well you know what they say....things can only get better so chin up xxx