Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Round 2

Hello all....... how are we?

It's all go here & tomorrow I have a special treat of having my other wisdom tooth out!!

So I really will be a gummy bear!!

I'm all stocked up with soup & now I know what will happen it shouldn't be too bad.... even tho I've been told this side is worse & I have to see the specialist.

I have lots of post to catch up with..... I haven't forgotten the Wartime Farm book review or to let you know how the cats are getting on..... plus I've read even more books!!

I have 2 days off so I might pop back....... in the mean time...... do you remember lovely Mel?
Well she's back!!!

Check out her new blog HERE

Have a good week


  1. Good luck at the dentist and thanks for shoving us in the direction of the lovely Mel Mel!! Lucey x

  2. good luck, hope all goes well and that it's not as bad as they make out

  3. Good luck with the tooth.
    I have recently bought the Wartime Farm book but have only managed a quick flick through for the moment so I will look forward to reading your post.
    Take care

    : ) x

  4. Good luck with the "op". Thank you for your blog visit & hope you enjoy the Vintage Trading company when you get chance to visit. Lizzie

  5. How are you feeling now......?
    Julie xxxxx

  6. Hope all went well for you at the 'torture chamber'! The good thing is once they are gone they can't cause us any more pain :)

  7. Hope you are feeling better now.

    Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog. Would love a cupola at the next vintage fair - I was going to say if you ever wanted someone to mind your stall so you could have a look round/ enjoy the entertainment I would be happy to volunteer. Will have to sort something out for the next one for sure x

  8. I wondered where mel had gone!! Teeth are a right pain aren't they??