Friday, 16 November 2012

Not again!

Yes it's that time again!!

I've had a really hectic week...... busy making for Crikey, Make, Do and Mend on Tuesday, OH rushed to hospital on Wednesday, trying to make a decision to stay in my job on Thursday.

See it's all go here!

Thankfully OH is ok but I'm still at sixes & sevens about my job...... if I leave I have to hand in my notice by the 24th November so I can have Christmas off :)

But for now it's back to making for Sunday..... normal service will resume soon!


  1. Cripes that all sounds complicated :/ Hope things become less hectic soon x

  2. only just catching up - hope everything is OK - is this a forced decision or yours ? Hope you find the answers you are looking for and can make a decision you feel comfortable with.

    Glad all went well at Crikey and hope that OH is OK too. xx