Sunday, 15 April 2012

Days off

As you know last week I went to Bridport market..... I was going to share my goodies but the moment has past now! But I did want to share this......

This building took my breath away when we turned the corner..... yes it's a bit of a mess but you don't see buildings like this any more. The sign in the window says it's opening as a '50's diner soon...... if you live in or visit Bridport please let me know when it opens so I can go back!

This morning I set off to the boot sale

And very glad I did too!

I needed a phone case for my new iPhone 4 that OH gave me but I found lots of other goodies!!

This lovely little shell box..... my friend fell in love with them in the latest Cath magazine, they were £6 but not on the web or any shops we visited. I found a very small one in Lyme Regis last week for £1.20 but this one is much bigger & was only £1!! It has a little damage to one shell on the side but I'm sure she won't mind.

I was just walking away from the man when I spotted this....

I'm not a good sewer & I'm not sure I'll use it but for only £10 I thought it was a good buy. I could always sell it as it's never been used or even opened!

Talking about sewing take a look at this beauty...

I've wanted a manual sewing machine for a long time & this one was in perfect condition & working.

I got it for £30 which I thought was a good price. I'm trying to find out the age, there was one on the Jones website with a similar number dated 1925..... I thought 1930's so maybe not far out.
I spotted another for sale all rusty & the handle wouldn't turn.... someone was buying it for £30 too!

I've given it a go but the needle keeps unthreading, any ideas why?

And last but not least

A beautiful Jubilee rug!!

I nearly didn't buy it but my brother made me go back.

I have no home for it but hey it'll fit in somewhere!

Isn't odd how you can visit one week & buy nothing & the next there's everything you've ever wanted??!

Thankfully we had the pushchair

Which meant poor Matthew had to walk!

Sorry for the long post........ back soon!


  1. great finds! It was busy down there today! And that diner looks like it has great potential

  2. lovely long post. those shell boxes remind me of trips to the seaside when I was little. your jones sewing machine, what a bargin and a £10 overlocker fantastic.

  3. What a fab Jones sewing machine, and it wouldn't be the first time my little ones have had to walk, in order to accomodate the shopping!! X

  4. You were right that rug is totes amazeballs!!

  5. What lovely finds!! Love the Jones sewing machine!! It is beautiful!!! I bought an overlocker, and I am still learning how to use it!!;) xo Heather

  6. This isn't long!
    I love posts like this with lots of interesting things. I love that sewing machine....sorry I can't help you with the problem though.

  7. Love the sewing machine, what a bargain!!!
    That building is amazing!!

  8. You have to thread those old guys exactly right and you could have the needle in the wrong way or maybe the tension at the front needs adjusting. I don't have a Jones machine but I do have a 1910 Singer, when it isn't working properly, I try all of the above. I love your blog and just discovered it

  9. Oh my goodness £10 for an overlocker and ALL those other lovely things. Well done you x

  10. Hello! i've just found your lovely blog and become a follower! A really enjoyable post! I have one of those shell boxes from my Grandma when I was a kid, it was hers before she gave it to me, she bought it on her holidays in 1970. I love the Jubilee rug - glad you went back for it! Some really great finds there, Marina xx