Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I'm hoping to head to Bridport on Saturday with a friend from work...... does anyone know if the market will be on?

I've Googled it & some sites say the market will be cancelled in 2012, another says it's on the 2nd Saturday of the month & the last one said the vintage market is on the last Saturday of the month!!!

I'm confused!!!!

Is it worth giving up my one Saturday off to make the 3 hour journey there & back???

Please help!!!

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  1. Hi Joe,
    The vintage market used to take place the last Sunday of every month between March and October but you're right, last I heard it was cancelled this year because there is a planning application to redevelop the site. Boooo hissssss. The regular street market will be on, that's every Wednesday and Saturday, which is a mixture of moochy stuff and food, and also the WI market is on 9-12 on Saturday. Get there early if you're driving, as parking can be difficult. And make sure you go for lunch at The Stable, which is the pizza and cider barn behind The Bull Hotel. Have a super time.
    Hen x