Monday, 20 June 2011

Busy, Busy.....

Thanks for all your kind comments on my last post...... it's so nice to know that blogland is full of pet lovers & I'm not the only crazy one!

I just wanted to let you know I'm still here but very busy! 
I'm feeling there's not enough hours in the day! 

I'm now 2 weeks into my new job & I must say it's not what I thought it would be..... but hey ho I'm hoping it will get better/easier as the time goes on. Also I'm interviewing for admin assistants which should ease the pressure. At the moment we're looking for 6 staff but only interviewed 3..... so where are all the people looking for work in Exeter???

On top of my new job I'm also snowed under with Make, Do and Mend

Now call me crazy but I've decided to do Make, Do twice a month! 

The room can hold about 30 people & I'm turning people away every month. Since day one people have asked for more meetings & I've always said no but needs must!

July also sees the launch of our annual membership so I've been busy contacting local craft shops for discounts.

I've also been making for the vintage fair I'm attending in July

So that's me...... I hope to be able to post about something more interesting soon!


  1. Sorry to hear the job isn't what you thought it would be and it's so surprising how jobs are advertised but there doesn't seem to be anyone applying!

    I'm doing my first craft fair on Saturday - eeek!!! Wish me luck,

    Victoria xxx

  2. I'm way behind with my blog reading so well done with the job! Hopefully see you at the Exeter fair,if not before I'm coming along as a customer which will make a pleasant change!! ;-)

  3. Hope your job improves for you. I thought people were crying out for jobs.

    Ooooooh another vintage fair - and Exeter too!
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. sorry the job isn't living up to expectations - hope it does improve with time. Am thrilled to hear that you are going to twice monthly, that will be excellent and I hope I can start coming to more events, as it seems likely Bear is giving up Beavers so I will have Tuesday evenings freer, provided M can look after the children. Manically busy here, househunting and doing schooling stuff, but all good times. Am still having trouble replying to comments on my blog, but thanks for leaving the comments - I love puzzles - hadn't really done any since I was a child til we had the kiddos, now I really enjoy them!

  5. Well pooh about your job! We spend too many hours a day at work to be unhappy there. I hope it smoothes out for you and that you find helpers soon! I would love to visit your craft fair -- too bad I'm thousands of miles away ;(.

  6. Hello you! I hope the job gets better for you. I just read your last post, and I understand completely... its a year next month since Archie had to be put to sleep, and I still find it hard to accept, and still burst into tears, I miss him so much. So, from one pet lover to another, I totally understand. Suzie xxx

  7. Good luck with the job, I went for a full time job interview not long ago, not really ideal for me, which I knew ( but needs must ) and was told I would probably be bored and was better suited to someone not as enthusiastic and keen as I!! Lol you can't win!! I am a pet lover too, big hugs.

    Thanks for the banana comment ;0)

    Hugs xx