Monday, 6 June 2011

And Finally The Queen.......

Back in April when Royal wedding fever gripped the country I posted about this book & planned to knit my own Royal wedding.

Well as you know it took longer then I thought

I started with the Queen but she was a real labour of love. I finally finished her about 3 weeks ago....

Want to take a closer look?

She was a bit lonely so I had to knit a little corgi!

The detail is amazing but they were very fiddly to make...... I thankfully pinched buttons, beads, pearls etc from my Make, Do and Mend friends otherwise she would have cost a lot to make!

I've been asked to make & sell them but to be honest it would never be worth it..... I'm sure in man hours & material she would come out about £50!!!

Busy week ahead so best get on..... OH's birthday today & D-Day so we're going out this afternoon, something I may regret as I have Make, Do and Mend tomorrow then going to Cheltenham on Wednesday for a training day.

Have a good week


  1. Oh how cute, I haven't seen anyones finished knitted queen and yours looks so good :)Love the wee corgi too and those pearls :)Well done,you have lots of patience :)

    All things nice...

  2. your queen is lovely, but I adore the corgi!! Look forward to seeing you tomorrow, glad you were able to get the training sorted

  3. Very cute - especially the corgi!


  4. OMGosh -- they're adorable! And the queen really looks like the queen!

  5. She looks fab and so does the corgi :) I too have this book, I pick up and then pop it back down again....maybe one day xx

  6. The Queen looks fabulous, you have such patience!

    Victoria xx

  7. Alas - at that price - she shall have to remain yours!!! Very cool though! :)

  8. OMG...How ace is she! You have done a fantastic job! x

  9. oh my goodness, you made the queen and a cargi! I LOVE this! She is wonderful, wish I could knit this well! Very impressed :) xx