Sunday, 26 June 2011

All over!

So much for not liking my new job eh???

I guess you've heard the news...... as of Friday Habitat as we know it is no more :(
It will continue to trade from 3 London stores only & online.... thankfully!

I found out from the Sky news website on Thursday after a tip off from a colleague in the warehouse & then again on breakfast news. The call came at 11.30 & by 1pm the admin guys were in stores. They're hoping for a buyer for the remaining 30 stores but to be honest it's really unlikely. By Saturday lunch time the posters had arrived in store & I had the lovely job of hanging them in the windows telling everyone we were closing down.

I've never seen so many vultures & the attitudes of the customers really shocked me..... one customer was complaining to my colleague that 20% discount was not enough considering we're closing down..... dispite the fact my colleague was nearly in tears she wouldn't stop. 
I can tell you I wouldn't win any customer service awards at the moment! For nearly half my life time I've taken this nonsense but not any more.... I must confess I told one lady not to ask such stupid questions when she asked if I was upset at the store closure.... whoops!

We did have some lovely regular customers.... one couple came in to tell me I was one in a million & over the last 15 years I had given them excellent service :)

There has been some terrible negative comments online which try as I might I can't help reading.... things like all habitat staff deserve to lose their job as they're all a bunch of stuck up @*@*'s, the company is rubbish etc etc 
What's that saying? If you can't say anything nice.....

Not sure how long I have..... the ironic thing is we've been so busy since the announcement we haven't had time to have meetings with the admin people. I know I will get a bonus if I stick around til the end but I'd love to walk now..... if it wasn't for my lovely team I would! I need to find out about notice period, pension, redundancy pay..... the list goes on!

 Thanks for your messages on Twitter, Facebook & even by text.... it means a lot :)

I may not be around much...... I need to get my head together..... but I will leave comments when I can.


  1. Joe, I'm really gutted for you but hope it's an opportunity for even greater things - thinking of you.

  2. I am sorry that you are going to lose your job. I remember spending loads of vouchers/money in Habitat after we got married and it being a fab store. I think our one closed years ago but its sorry that so many more are now going :(

  3. I thought of your straight away when I saw the news. So confusing after the new job thing too- I will really miss the store too- I am not an Argos furniture fan! I know you will use it as a spring board

  4. So sorry to hear about your job. So much for loyal services. I hope you find another job really soon. Fingers crossed that this could be the start of something really exciting. x

  5. So sorry to hear about your job! I hope it will bring you some fantastic opportunities though. I don't blame you for talking to annoying customers like that, I'd find it hard to keep smiling and nodding too! x

  6. What a blow and how awful to hear it second hand so to speak! Good luck for the future, your team are lucky to have someone who in the circumstances still has a conscience and is looking out for them

  7. So sorry to hear your news, Habitat is one of my favourite shops. I have great memories of shopping there as a small child with my mum for fun stuff for our home. I hope you find out more details on whats happening soon. Good Luck, Luv Sophie xxx

  8. Sorry to hear this, it has been a difficult few months for you.

    Just look at this as a new chapter beginning, I'm sure it's hard to see the bright side at the moment but things will get better,

    Victoria xxx

  9. Sorry to hear about your job. Funny how only a couple of posts ago you said you were looking for staff.......someone must have known, it couldn't have been just your shop looking for staff....! I cannot imagine your anger in all of this.
    Good luck for the future.
    Julie xxxxxx

  10. It'll seem strange not to wander through Habitat when we come up to the city. But I'm sure that you'll soon find someone who appreciates your skills and offers you a job. Sometimes things do happen for the best! Good luck with all the closing down madness...and more good luck for the future! ;-)x

  11. So sorry to hear about the loss of your job, Jo but I'm sure something better will be round the corner.
    Hen x

  12. As I said in my tweet JO, when one door closes another door opens. Keep strong and hugs xx

  13. Oh poppet - so sorry to hear this. People can be utter dicks. I experienced similar wafflesome idiots in Woolworths and British Bookstores when I ventured in. I had to leave in the end because it was all too disgusting. Books all over the floor - dispondant and upset staff.

    I hope you get that bonus and find something new soon if you need to.

    Big hugs x x

  14. Sorry to hear the bad news, but when this door closes I hope another one opens for you very soon, XX

  15. so sorry that all this has had to happen after everything else with your job. Like I said in my tweet the utter self absorbtion of some people staggers me, and I don't know how you don't loose your temper with them completely. Glad to hear there have been some nice people too. Hopefully this will be the start of something newer and better for you, but best of luck for the time being am sure it must be an awful thing to have to go through.

  16. Oh dear! I'm so sorry. Hopefully, when the dust settles, you'll have a long lovely rest before taking off on your next grand adventure.

  17. Hi Josie
    I just wanted to write and say how sad I am that Habitat is closing down...
    I have loved coming in for many years now, often just looking... and sometimes getting something special.
    I know how hard it must be to work there right now. I always thought that if I wanted to work somewhere in Exeter then it would be habitat I would have applied to. All the staff are lovely and helpful and the products are beautiful. All I can do is to offer my sympathy to you right now. Best wishes, Jo

  18. sorry it has taken a bit to comment. What can I say...nothing that will make you feel better. I do hope you find another job soon and I for one will really miss Habitat, I have bought lots of beautiful things from there over the years.

  19. I'm so sorry to here about your job loss. I hope you're successful with your job applications. :)