Friday, 24 December 2010

Snowy Christmas

My, my I've been away for a while..... sorry about that. 
Last Friday saw the first of the snow for sunny Devon & it hasn't gone away. On Monday the heavens opened for 3 whole I love snow!!!! What I don't love is ice which is what we have now :(

What big feet you have Nanny!!!

So last Sunday I thought I better make the effort to get a bit christmassy, I had a sinking cold (yet another joy of retail!!!) but I think it came out pretty well....

Only a few decorations this year as I was feeling too poorly to go to the loft but I did treat myself to a fake Christmas tree...

I don't normally like fake trees but I thought this had a real retro feel & it was such a bargain I couldn't say no! 

I was working in Bristol last week & it would be rude not to pop to Cath!!

Back in November I brought this lovely biscuit tin from M&S.....

Looking forward to cracking these open on the big day!!!
It's been my day off today & with the ice being so bad we've had a lazy day in..... watching TV & playing games. I need to make the most of my 2 days off!
The scene is now set..... tree lights on, Silver Bells burning on the mantle piece & some homemade brownies.......

So my friends it's Merry Christmas from me.......

and here's to a crafty 2011!


  1. Happy Christmas Joe!
    Hope to pop in sometime in the new year ;-)x

  2. Merry Christmas!
    Hugs Kandi x

  3. Merry christmas Joe....Pickle sends her love to Nanny!xxx

  4. The ice is soooo dangerous! I slipped over outside my flat last night and have a rather unattractive fat lip now!

    Victoria xx

  5. Merry snowy Christmas! They are the biggest cat paw prints :)

  6. Seasons Greetings! Love your retro tree! Lizzie x

  7. Hi hun! Have missed you on my break!!!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas and wish you a fantastic New Year!!