Wednesday, 8 December 2010

It's coming around fast.......

Hello everyone, well the days are ticking away..... are you nearly ready?
I've been so busy I haven't really thought about the big day! I only need to get a few presents but I'm leaving it til the last minute which is not a good thing!

So Friday saw me head off to the local pre school Christmas fair..... it was cold, icy & raining..... not a good combo when you're asking people to come out to spend some dosh!

Well they didn't come :( Last year this fair was so good I decided this would be the only one I would do....... I'm wondering if people are getting fed up with craft fairs? About 18 months ago you couldn't find a good fair anywhere in Exeter but how times have changed! They're popping up everywhere & I think shoppers are thinking if they miss this one it doesn't matter. 
What's your thoughts on this?

I was lucky as I did sell somethings.... other people didn't have a customer all night & started packing up after an hour.

This is still my best seller after all this time..... they've been selling really well on Folksy too :)

These have also been popular.....

So I've been a busy bee re stocking :)

Last night was the Make, Do and Mend Christmas party....

I came so close to cancelling as my back has been playing up over the last week but with the help of some good friends & lovely Make, doers it went ahead.....
and what a great time we had :)

Every month we seem to get busier & busier..... I can't tell you how happy it makes me! I'm getting lovely feedback saying how good it is & how it's inspired people to make all their presents...... I feel like a proud parent :)

Last night we had a mini fair so people could purchase presents.... I was very happy with my take but it all passed in a blur as I was drugged up on pain killers.....
at least I was smiling!!!!
Thanks to everyone who came :)

Friday sees me heading off to the big smoke to see The Men They Couldn't Hang....

I'm very excited!!!! This will be their last gig at The 100 club in Oxford St as it's closing in the new year..... have you ever been? I love it, it's like stepping back in time..... so sad it's closing :(

I'm trying to keep up blogging but it's getting hard..... please bear with me & I'll be back when I can :)


  1. I can't believe the 100 Club is closing - it's such an institution. We went to see a friend's dad play there - he was so, so proud that night.

    Maybe there are now so many craft fairs that each one is not a 'must' any more. I know that I have to choose around here at Christmas time - the same craftspeople (or type of people) go to each one so I prefer to go to one really good one instead of lots of repetitive ones. But that must be really annoying for you, to have chosen one on such a miserable day! Have a great Christmas.

  2. i can see why thats your best seller - and love the mistletoe x

  3. infact i love that mistletoe so much i've just purchased one from you xxx

  4. I think its getting harder and harder to sell the handcrafted things.... and the weather doesn't help... its been so dreadful.
    Take care with your back... try and get some rest and keep warm. That kind of pain and what not can be so draining.

    Vicky x

  5. what a shame about the 100 club - many a good (and drunken) night in there. Hope you have a great time.

    How's your back now ? It was great to see you on Tuesday and I'm so glad you didn't cancel, one of my new year resolutions is to make sure that I come to more, it was so much fun, and I need to start making time for me to do stuff rather than always put the rest of the families activites in front and always be the one to miss out.

    What a shame about the craft fair - I think the combination of weather, illnesses and economy have meant lots of people cutting back this year - but like you say, there are so many different events that it's hard to know which one to choose, as there are too many to go to - frustrating though to be at such a quiet event.

    Hope that you get the chance for a rest over christmas - I don't know where you find the time to do it all!!

  6. Thank you for your lovely blog comment. I think I went to the 100 club in the 80's when I lived in London.. saw a lot of great bands and went to a lot of great clubs in those days!!! Lizzie xx

  7. Love your best seller, it's very pretty.
    I know what you mean about tripping over craft fairs everywhere now. My local library has one every other week and now I rarely go because I think 'oh I can catch it the next time or the time after that'. It can't be a good thing can it?