Sunday, 14 November 2010

Little Treats

Hello everyone..... good week??

I've had a funny week & haven't been feeling very happy...... I guess it's the weather & the fact it's dark when I leave & when I get home :(

It's going to be a long winter unless I give myself a kick up the back side!!!

On Wednesday I went to Otter Nurseries for the tea dance.... no photo's this year as no one dressed up but you can read about last year here
On Thursday I managed to escape from work to dash to the Cathedral for the 11am service & today I've enjoyed watching the BBC coverage.
It's amazing isn't it? How does it run so smoothly?

So I've been treating myself, first up my lovely new deer's that my friend Claire found in Otto Retro..... thanks Claire!

This is the photo she sent me from the shop asking if I like.... well silly question really!!!
I need to clean them up & try to fit them on the deer shelf :)

I then spotted this on Folksy....

I don't really wear jewellery but I really like this, I may change the velvet ribbon to red!
You can find more like this here

Then today I was opening my Internet & Jayne's shop came up, I've had something in mind for weeks but couldn't decided if I should buy..... I then had a panic, what if she sold them at the fair on the 28th.... well I had to buy..

Lovely :)

Hopefully my goodies will cheer me up!

This also made me smile while waiting for the bus...

A lovely frosty morning, much better then the horrible rain.

I was trying out a new app on my phone & I remembered I haven't shown you this when I was talking about needlepoint etc

I made him years ago, he's a little dusty now :) mmm nice slippers in the corner!

Hope next week is better at work.... if I remember rightly I felt like this before but what I wouldn't give to leave & knit all day!!!
I'm planning an event on Saturday 20th as we have the annual Christmas parade....with real reindeer's!!!.... they pass the shop about 11.30ish & we're planning to have competitions, treats & a raffle for children in need..... so if you're in Exeter next weekend please pop in & say hello...... I'll be the stressed one in the corner as the store manager is taking the weekend off!!!

Have a good week


  1. Your cushion is the spitting image of my dog! Love the little robin pendant- great find

  2. arhhh Christmas is coming!
    lovely post

  3. I know exactly how you are feeling!
    Lovely finds and I love the dog
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. I hope your little treasures cheer you up a bit. I get the same this time of year and just want to be at home with a huge teapot and my knitting. Soon it will be time to get stressed/excited for Christmas so that might perk us up, either that or finish us off!
    Take Care
    Kandi x

  5. hi, all you new things are lovely and hope they've done the trick in cheering you up. I know what you mean though - I think it is this time of year, the clocks have gone back so it seems dark all the time, weather's cold and wet and the prospect of the whole winter to get through and Christmas is near enough to start getting stressed over, especially for those like you in retail, but not so near that it's the excitement and looking forward to bit. Ha, bet you're feeling even less cheerful now eh??!!

    I've been meaning to ask - are you doing any fairs this year - I remember you doing a couple last year locally I think ?

    Hope you have a good week, and the parade goes well - not sure if we'll make it into town, I find those kind of things just too stressy when there are loads of people around and my two are too little to really see what is going on, or wait patiently for something that goes past pretty quick.

  6. I LOVE all of your finds.

    I hope you're alright? xx

  7. Hope you are feeling better hunny! I'm sure your gorgeous treats will cheer you up! Now I'm back on my feet I'll get my bum in gear and send you your apron! That will make you smile!!!!

  8. Ooooo, lovely treats! Love the bird necklace and sweet little needlepoint puppers!